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Mulango, Elisa and Brynn

Last year I had the pleasure of working with this amazing family, it was a blast and fun photoshoot. I truly pray and hope that they find this new year full of blessings and laughter, they totally deserve it. Enjoy!


Fish out of water: my first photoshoot

There’s something about the eye of a camera lens that can instantly cause discomfort. In many cases it’s simply just an awkwardness, or a self-conscious reaction. 298 more words


Once Upon a Photoshoot - 'The DSLR Effect' July 2012

Ever since I was a child, whenever anybody would ask me my life goals, and ambitions, it always remained to be a big movie star. Glamour, Fame, Money always excited me, ever since I was a kid. 194 more words


Allie the Ballerina <3

Allie and I woke up at the crack of dawn to get these pictures! We were hoping for a sunrise, but the blue light was just as cool :) Hope you guys enjoy these and thank you Allie for being so brave and wearing your pretty leotard!


Doing my bit

Doing my bit to make Instagram a more beautiful place…
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Orang2 kuat UNITE!

I was so excited and happy when i saw our photoshoot photos online. All credits to one of our ex-btb, Amalina whom is also my secondary schoolmate. 435 more words