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Things Look Different In Color

The world we see,
Can be simple in Black & White,
But can be made complicated in color,
You decide how complicated,
Life the way you see and feel.

BW version


A Classic View Of Bromo Mountains

Bromo mountains,
A sanctuary for Tengger Tribe,
One remaining Hindu practicing,
Far and high in the national park.


Photoshop CC 2014: Camera Raw Preferences

Preferences > File Handling > File Compatibility section > Camera Raw Preferences >

Options for JPG and Tiff handling. For those times that you want to process JPGs and TIFFs with Camera Raw settings as just plain JPGs… 43 more words


A Time To Forgive

Forgiveness granted to all,

Forgiving relieves your heart,

More than others.

So, forgive and have a new start …


Prepare For A Clean Door

A month is almost done,

The days of learning has come near the end,

Lessons learned and gained for a better future,

For self, mankind and humanity. 26 more words


Photoshop CC: Live Shapes (Live Rectangles and Rounded Rectangles)

Live Shapes are all the rage these days. “Live” in this case, primarily means the ability to easily change corner radius and potentially shapes. In Photoshop, working with vector shapes have always been kind of awkward. 134 more words


Morning Paddle

Good morning and happy Friday,

As many of you already know Zach and I attended a wooden canoe heritage assembly in the beautiful Adirondacks last weekend. 186 more words