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How to manipulate text in Photoshop CS5

Photoshop can be quite complicated, and some know the program better than others.  As a photographer, I use photoshop quite frequently. However, instead of doing a photo-editing tutorial, I thought Iwould teach everybody how to make text stand out in a photoshop document.   139 more words


Sprite Love

Some sprites (rarely) are cursed with a genuine affection for humans. This is always disastrous for the human and sad for the sprite. The human love interests are always like small animals caught in the headlights of a logging truck, an unstoppable object meeting something tiny and soft… it never ends well for the human. 93 more words



I tried drawing Taylor Swift. I used her photo in her music video “Safe and Sound”. It was harder than I expected. I’ve always found round faces easier to draw than angular ones. 162 more words


Sprite Template

Sprite’s have a slightly different Morphic ‘template’ to humans… actually, they have a spectacularly different ‘template’. This is because, although they choose to manifest as ‘human’, they are, in fact, conduits of all the Earth’s, as well as the Universe’s, most raw energy. 36 more words


Morphic Resonance Theory

Unlike Fractal Resonance Theory, Morphic Resonance Theory is real… see Rupert Sheldrake. The theory states, if I remember it correctly (it’s been 20 years since I read it in any depth) that we are human because of a human ‘template’ which resonates with electromagnetic/organo-creative waves which lay down ‘humans’, as apposed to frogs, who have their own template… something like that, go read about it! 39 more words


How to remove color fringe in Photoshop CS 5

A color fringe, also known as chromatic aberration, is an effect caused by certain lenses. Fringes sometimes can be very distracting in an image, resulting in disatisfactory results. 162 more words

Image Editing

Fractal Resonance Theory

There is no such thing as Fractal Resonance Theory, I made it up… but there should be (: