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San Francisco Car Spotting 9/15/14 | Pictures

Just saw a few cars today. A dirty Alpina B7 was waiting at the beach parking lot, and a classic Porsche showed up in San Rafael traffic. 36 more words


Austin or Bust!

This was a from a creative project… My friend Laura (LARS) and I decided to use our creative minds and come up with this shoot. We went with the theme Journey. 53 more words

Trey Ratcliff Photography

Everybody sees the world in a different way, some people can find the beauty in anything and anywhere. With only having one good eye people must have thought that he had a disadvantage. 94 more words


The Life and Soul of Me



The Life and Soul


A breath!

A whisper, a prayer..

I came into the world, but not alone.

So great was the Creator’s love for me… 142 more words


19th December, 1981

We’re just about ready for our departure. I’ve packed for the first time since Easter and despite a nine month rest from it, I haven’t lost the knack. 514 more words