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#149 Fall into Autumn......

Yes, we call it Autumn, Americans call it Fall for some inexplicable reason, but whatever you call it, it heralds new fashion in more muted colours and warmer fabrics. 716 more words


#148 Heaven knows? Yes indeed, and now I know!

I popped over to Precious Designs this morning as I haven’t done a post on Precious for a couple of weeks, and found the lovely ‘Heaven Knows’ outfit which I am showing off below. 261 more words


#145 Better to be a Has Been than a Never Was

So said C Northcote Parkinson, a British Historian more famous for Parkinson’s Law, the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. 606 more words


#144 Phoenix Firestorm Project turned 4!

On 3rd September the Firestorm Phoenix Project turned 4 years old. Unfortunately due to business committments I missed the party, but have managed to pick up one of the free celebratory gifts on offer from Firestorm. 629 more words


#139 Shoes and clothes, is there anything more to Second Life?

Well of course there is, but shoes and clothes are important, as much so in SL as in RL, at least in my opinion (call me shallow if you will!). 362 more words


#138 You'll see me in her dreams!

Sorry, I get carried away with titles, I should have been a headline writer! I refer of course to Somnia (which means ‘dreams’ if you’re not awake enough to realise!)¬†and in particular¬†the Somnia clothing line designed by Sanura Snowpaw. 444 more words


#136 Diamond Deals, 24 Carat Designs, must be............

….Precious Designs of course! Still trying to catch up after my business travels, I popped over a couple of days ago to see what was new at Precious during my absence. 424 more words