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#121 SL Photography Tools

Now firstly I am in no way an SL photography expert, in fact I am a relative beginner. However I do think my experiences might be helpful.   993 more words


#111 Part 2 - New Store, outfits galore

As I told you in my last post here, Designs by Rowena and Precious Designs who share a store in Flawless, have opened up a new store in Bali. 401 more words


#110 Part 1 - New Store, outfits galore

I’m a poet…….. Store-Galore, see what I did there? OK I’ll get my coat and my hat…….

Designs by Rowena and Precious Designs who share a store in Flawless have opened up another new store in Bali (the links on their names will take you there!). 360 more words


#109 Baby Clothes

I’ve been pretty busy in RL recently, doing a lot of travelling on business, but still finding time to do the odd blog post! I visited… 303 more words


#108 Sometimes I get depressed........

………when I’m shopping around SL and see so many designers who charge full price for each separate colour/texture of a piece of clothing or shoes. Personally I think this is way over the top in terms of the effort involved in adding a new colour or texture to an item and I will no longer buy from such designers no matter how good their styles are. 338 more words