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Efficiency of Solar PV and Wind Power

A young lady from a faraway land writes: My name is Alexandra, and I am a pupil at Herschel Girls School in Cape Town. I am doing a Science investigation and I am researching wind and solar energy, and which one is more efficient. 512 more words


What if renewable energy was crowdfunded to _________?

Here’s our brand new poster that illustrates the somewhat endless alternatives of suitable sites for crowdfunded renewable energy system.

We keep ourselves open to all renewable energy technologies that all have their own strengths: solar thermal, photovoltaics, bioenergy, wind power… No matter what kind of project you have in mind, renewable energy could most likely be applied there! 20 more words


Solar Power and Grid Stability: Scenarios and solutions

Renewable energy is often intermittent, and that variability presents a variety of challenges to power grids. The nature and magnitude of the challenges depends on the time frame — from fractions of a second to seasonal or even multiyear variations — as well as the nature of the grid itself. 352 more words

Renewable Energy

PV-KWK Project: managing electricity and heat

SMA, a company focused on solar energy, is carrying out a project to manage at the same time the electricity and heat consumption in a house combining photovoltaics, CHP plants and heat pumps. 86 more words


Photovoltaics ....“I see a huge potential”

A mobile solar wagon, developed by students of Arba Minch University

Electric-power supply must improve in most developing countries, including Ethiopia. Typically, national grids do not cover rural areas appropriately – and it does not make sense to wait for that to finally change. 971 more words


Vermont’s High Concentration of Enlightened, Authentic People Call Their Own Shots in Energy Politics

I was surprised and delighted when a cousin I hadn’t seen in 35 years called me out of the blue from her home in Northern Vermont over the weekend. 112 more words