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More Americans are installing rooftop solar and buying less electricity from their utilities | PV Buzz : PV Buzz

But utilities see things differently. As solar technology gets dramatically cheaper, tens of thousands of Americans are putting photovoltaic panels up on their roofs, generating their own power. 112 more words


September 28, 2014

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The Wind Always Blows

By George Harvey

It seems nearly all journalists who write on renewable power feel compelled to make two points in nearly every article they write. 817 more words

Fossil Fuels

Experimental investigation of tri-functional photovoltaic/thermal solar collector — ScienceDirect



A design of tri-functional photovoltaic/thermal solar collector is proposed.

The performance of tri-functional PV/T collector is investigated and compared.

The tri-functional PV/T collector is flexible to different working modes and variable seasons.



Solar thermal magazine

PetersenDean announced today that the Solar4America campaign will begin offering electricity to consumers nationwide at under six cents per kilowatt hour. The program has already been launched in Arizona and California and will roll out to Texas in October, with four other states to follow in the first quarter of 2015. http://solarthermalmagazine.com/2014/09/24/solar4america-rolls-national-program-fixed-cost-electricity/


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Nanostructured Energy Devices

Juan Bisquert


ALEC, climate change: A fight over rooftop solar panels could decide America’s energy future.

“ALEC and its allies are currently lobbying state lawmakers and regulatory commissioners to rewrite industry rules regarding solar panels. The apparent goal: to ensure that customers with rooftop panels pay more each month and to make would-be adopters think twice about paying the upfront cost of installation. 167 more words


A perspective on the production of dye-sensitized solar modules

After many years of research and many thousands of papers published, it seems difficult at this point to be highly innovative in the dye-sensitized solar cell, in comparison with novel recent discoveries of solution-processed solar cells. 410 more words