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Project Euler: problem 46 - Goldbach's other conjecture

I’m doing these Project Euler mathematical puzzles as a simple practical exercise for teaching myself PHP, and I’d appreciate any feedback on my code

Problem 46… 363 more words

Project Euler

Common Virtual Conference - Notes from a PHP on IBM i Developer

Just a quick summary of things I found useful about the Common Virtual conference.

Modernizing Applications – Getting the next Gen Devs able to maintain and develop on the IBM i with the programming language you’re used to. 470 more words


PHP can handle multiple result sets from a DB2 SQL Stored Procedures on IBM i

Did you know that a DB2 SQL stored procedure can pull back multiple result sets?  Its as simple as adding this to your Create Procedure statement:  … 79 more words


PHP CLI commands in Debian

This problem was infuriating. After having upgraded my Vagrant Box to run PHP 5.6, I was looking forward to trying out phpdbg, the new built in debugger that ships with PHP 5.6. 101 more words


Upgrading a PuPHPet Vagrant Boxes' PHP to 5.6

This is remarkably simple! First, BACK UP YOUR DB.

Backed up? Good. You dont need to back your web files up if they are being mounted from a shared folder. 43 more words


A walk through into Late Static Binding in PHP

Hello everyone, do we remember the concept of Static Binding and Dynamic Binding, the one we studied in Java classes during our college time?

Yes!! Then very nice :). 685 more words


Want to learn coding ?

The First Step!

In recent years due to the tech boom, developers have become high in demand. And they get to take home more than the average Joe’s salary. 660 more words

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