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Are You As Sick Of These Phrases As We Are?

“Just Sayin’!”

“My Bad!”

Is there a phrase that you’re just sick of hearing people say?

If so, check out this list of “22 Phrases That We’re All Sick Of Hearing… 74 more words


Why I Hate The Phrase “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened.”

I used to keep a growing list of phrases I couldn’t stand. It probably started when I was sixteen. A faint memory of the words, “everything happens for a reason,”washed over my adolescent body at my father’s memorial service. 467 more words

La Petite Mort

The French have a phrase, La Petite Mort, literally, The Little Death.  While the phrase sometimes refers to a person’s reaction to trauma or tragedy, a la “they ‘died a little’ on the inside”, and at least one thinker and notable literary scholar has asserted that La Petite Mort is an appropriate way to describe the spiritual climax which should accompany the completion of a great work of literature; most often the phrase is used in reference to sexual climax, orgasm, or the euphoric moments which follow it.  28 more words

The Little Things

This seasons 'MUST HAVE', oh really, must you?

We all have pet hates; a phrase or a saying that we find irritating for some reason. I’ve heard people say how they dislike, for instance, ‘ticking all the boxes’, or, ‘up and down the country’! 506 more words


Now, let’s talk about the opposite of young, which was covered in this article. Once again, there are two words in Tagalog that mean… 150 more words


Child, Children, Kids

These two words in Tagalog refer to child, children or kid but for different purposes.

Bata – this means child or children in general or… 186 more words


Exploring wolf references: "Lone Wolf"

Lone wolf is an American expression that began in the early 1900s. A “lone wolf” is a person who acts alone or enjoys his or her own company—and not being part of the pack. 150 more words