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Hok Nguan Kung Chinese Taoist Shrine Phuket Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Hok Nguan Kung is next to the Surin Traffic Circle Phuket Town Thailand.  A small shrine but like all chinese shrines, lot of color.  The most important ritual object here is the crafted image of Ju Su Kong (hence locals refer to this shrine as Ju Su Kong Shrine.). 143 more words


Tamarind Bar and Cafe with Chalong Bay in front great drinks and fun Phuket Thailand by jackie littletaylor

A fun place for drinks and good food.  People are nice and view is great with Chalong Beach and Bay in front. Will find lot of expats visit this place as this is a popular place.   64 more words


Guanau-Nabon Chinese Shrine Phuket Thailand A new shrine lovely and not discovered yet part 1 of 2 by jackie littletaylor

Guanau-Nabon Chinese Shrine Phuket Thailand  A new shrine lovely and not discovered yet

Located Phuket Thailand and its almost new, so still in great shape. Faces east so I like shooting after the sun sets behind the shrine. 107 more words


Hi, Phuket.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged but I’ve decided to blog again…finally with much pestering from my younger sister.
So to start my first ever post in this blog, I shall talk about happy things. 975 more words


Finding Our "New Normal"

It’s the people that get me. They get me every time. Smiles upon smiles. Thai people are unique, they are kind, gentle and resilient. I love knowing that everyday when I wake up I’ll be surrounded by them. 403 more words


Wat Chalong (Thai: วัดฉลอง) Phuket Island Thailand Part 3 of 3 misc by jackie littletaylor

Wat Chalong Phuket Island Thailand What to see and info on what and where

Located Chalong, Phuket Island, Thailand.  A must see and worth the time to go. 198 more words


Leaving Thailand: What Were We Thinking?!

Leaving Thailand was one of those times when the universe feels like it’s conspiring against us in a new country:  No internet upon our arrival in Indonesia so we were unable to work, disabled ATM cards in the midst of a long bank holiday back home and no option to unfreeze them, a wallet accidentally locked in the room safe for 3 days until someone with the master key could be found…  For those first few days in Indonesia, I struggled to remember: Why in the world did we leave beautiful, friendly, easy Thailand? 819 more words

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