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Say that again, Phyllis

We all know that married men can still be violent to their families, but they are far less likely to be violent against women than are live-in boyfriends.

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Vagina Justice

Schlafly Sets a Lower Bar for Women

Women Can Avoid Sexual Assault by Focusing on Marriage

I can’t emphasize enough how utterly wrong, ignorant, and short sided this commentary by Phyllis Schlafly is. 929 more words

In other news... Phyllis Schlafly is still terrorizing women with her backwards comments

One of my favorite blogs, Asshole of the Day, moderated by the very funny @TeaPartyCat on Twitter, sheds light on politicians and other public figures idiotic comments. 203 more words

Women's Issues

Putin Pushes the Envelope - Phyllis Schlafly - Page 1

While the world’s attention was distracted by his incursions into Eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin quietly made another provocative move that could lead to a direct confrontation with the… 325 more words

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Phyllis Schlafly: Women Can Avoid Rape By Focusing On Marriage, Not Career

Destroyer of equality and queen anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly talked about the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault yesterday. Not surprisingly, she found a way to make it a woman’s responsibility to keep men from being rapists. 397 more words