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500gr phyllo dough (if you want a crispy baklava I suggest you to buy the thinner you can find)
500gr real butter
300gr chopped walnuts (you can also use pistachios) 291 more words

Cream Cheese Snack Cups

Phyllo Dough Cups
Cream Cheese
Olive Oil
Feta Cheese

1) Mix cream cheese, pepper, and salt in a bowl.  You can add spinach and garlic if you like. 62 more words

Spinach, Goat Cheese and Herb Tart

The recipe for this tart is a bit further in the post. First, I’d like to share a little story of exactly how this tart came to be. 628 more words


Everything's sweet about [my] food...

If there’s lessons to be learned – I’d rather get my jamming eats in first so …

It’s been a while since I gave you… 770 more words

Daily Life

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Baklava

Bosnia and Herzegovina cuisine is rich in a variety of cultures from Turkey to Austria, mainly related to the rule they have faced at some point in time. 610 more words

World Cup

Cheat's Feta, Wild Rocket & Tomato Tartlets

It’s been a crazy first half the year, diverting my energies into running my one-woman-show home-baking business (The Midnight Baker Malaysia) while juggling the household needs. 591 more words


Forty Layer Baklava Birthday Cake.

As we head into another rainy, cold ‘summer week’, I was grateful for a beautiful sunny weekend. Father’s day was gorgeous, and while my dad was working and I missed him, I’m glad I saw him twice the week prior. 1,347 more words