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Turkish Food of the Week: Künefe

Turkish Food of the Week #5: Künefe

This week’s Turkish food is a popular dessert called, künefe (koo-neh-feh). Although I personally prefer baklava, I figured that most people already know what that is, so I’d like to introduce an… 187 more words


Greek Baklava The Secret Recipe.

Yesterday I had a family reunion to attend for my wife’s family. The perfect opportunity to make my extra special top-secret Baklava recipe. This is one of my oldest recipes, I learned to make it from a Greek pastry chef more than 20 years ago and have to this day only shared it with one other person. 855 more words


Chocolate Mousse Cups

I know I had you at Chocolate, right?  Don’t worry too much about the calories on this one, you will earn them.  Yes, I know it is me saying it, and I promised to make you chubby so I don’t have to diet quite so hard….but this time, I mean it.  454 more words


Pistachio Baklava - A Turkish Dessert

Baklava is a sweet pastry, filled with chopped nuts kept between layers of phyllos or pastry sheet and dipped in sugar syrup. It is basically a Turkish delicacy, however found across the Middle East. 454 more words





500gr phyllo dough (if you want a crispy baklava I suggest you to buy the thinner you can find)
500gr real butter
300gr chopped walnuts (you can also use pistachios) 291 more words

Cream Cheese Snack Cups

Phyllo Dough Cups
Cream Cheese
Olive Oil
Feta Cheese

1) Mix cream cheese, pepper, and salt in a bowl.  You can add spinach and garlic if you like. 62 more words