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What is SafetySwid thankful for?

Thank you loyal readers (Christine) for continuing to check out what I have to say. I am very thankful for the journey my life has been thus far and all of the wonderful people and experiences I have had working in injury prevention first, with… 487 more words

Injury Prevention

Is this what the solution for obesity looks like?

Obesity has been a major medical, psychosocial and economical problem for decades. It really took off in the US in the 1950-60 and went from there all over the world, and now the problems are stacking up all over the world. 666 more words


Winter Walking Safety

Winter came early in many parts of Canada this year. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice often create hazardous conditions that make it challenging for many Canadians to stay active. 609 more words

Active Aging

The runner's physique

I have been running just over three years.  It’s been a struggle because I’ve had problems here and there, but I’ve kept it up.  In the past year, I ran a marathon relay, two half marathons, and the run leg of a sprint triathlon.   542 more words


Refocus the educative purpose of planned physical activity in NSW government schools - the Physical Literacy Continuum

For those who have not seen our latest social media posts, we are introducing colleagues to Physical Literacy – the concept, the capability, the direction for future work. 676 more words

STRESS! 15 million sick days in 2013, how has this happened?

Current estimates in the UK suggest that 1 in 4 of us, thats a quarter of the UK population will suffer some kind of mental health disorder in the course of 1 year! 702 more words

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