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Everything to the Nth degree…

So, I’m all about seasonal treats and enjoying special flavors, but does anyone else feel like everything is being completely overdone these days?   For the last few years I have been saying that I have to all but avoid Trader Joe’s in December as I feel that the entire store is dipped in chocolate.  221 more words


Movement and Learning

More, and more educational research is coming out about the correlation between student understanding, and movement. When students have an opportunity to move around in class, it is shown to stimulate brain activity, resulting in greater recall of material.   30 more words

Best Practices

12 Surprising ways you will feel Happier, Guaranteed!

Happiness is perhaps the most sought after thing in our society. Above money and even health concerns most people will often name happiness as their #1 goal in life as well as their #1 goal for their children. 1,071 more words


Sitting Is Killing You [Infographic]

Just in time for Halloween season! Here are some scary figures illustrating some health consequences of spending much of our days seated. We have been hearing about the health hazards of sedentary office work more recently, so none of this may come as a surprise. 148 more words


Physical Activity in Reducing Depression

One of my favorite actors, Robin Williams, took his own life two months ago. He suffered from severe depression, which eventually drove him to the suicide. 458 more words

Physical Activity

Tuesday's Fitness Check-in.... a bit late

Good afternoon everyone. I am a bit late with my Tuesday’s Fitness Check-in.  I have been a bit off track with my blog lately.  I have been working on a new daily routine at home.   615 more words

Health Struggles