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Upcoming Basics 101 Class

Tired of not feeling your best? Are you annoyed by allergies, headaches, colds, digestive issues, muscle tension or depression? Are you bothered by modern medicine’s approach of treating symptoms to illness and disease, but not the cause, through prescription and over-the-counter medications? 224 more words


If Physical Diseases were Treated like Mental Illness

This is a fun picture that I came across on the internet. It is not to be taken too seriously. Physical ailments most times cannot be fixed by changing your frame of mind; while part of the treatment with mental illness is achieved through effort and a change of thoughts.


Hanging onto the past, bites you in the ass

There are so many people that hold grudges, thinking they are doing some justice, teaching a person a lesson, but all it really does it hold us back from achieving our full potential and it only develops disease in our minds and bodies.  495 more words

Louise Hay

Forty, Friends, and Fizzling Out

Lately I have been too busy to blog with any consistency, and much of what I want to write about would probably just sound like complaining. 992 more words

Consistent Christianity