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As this week I am dedicating this blog to health it is judicious to comment on weight. Weight is a funny thing; it is related to your mental and physical selves. 336 more words


Independent Psychiatrist

I was due to see an independent psychiatrist a few weeks ago to review my Community Treatment Order (CTO) but it ended up being cancelled on the day. 650 more words

My bad health

Coincidently just as I have been researching a healthy lifestyle I have gone to A&E twice in a week. I found out I have a chest infection…but the CAMEL 20pack cigarettes are getting me through it. 153 more words

Mental Health

Self-Care as a Law Student: What do you do to take care of yourself?

As a law student, you are expected to attend classes, write scholarly papers, and perform at a superior level on assessments.  Additionally, you may be working while going to law school which involves meetings and time commitments.  335 more words

Of Interest To Law Students

Biological Changes in Ascending Souls (Part 7)

It will no longer take months or even years to reverse an illness or create a new state of physical health.

While this is wonderful news to most of you, it also means that the adage, “You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought,” will be truer than ever.

Paradigm Shift

Commercial beekeepers feed bees HFCS

Going on since the 70’s, the imposition of high fructose corn syrup in place their honey is considered a major factor in what has been termed “colony collapse disorder,” the bee decline across the globe.  375 more words


Today at the doctor

Corticosteroid booster injection to combat severe inflammation response to carpal tunnel and tennis elbow.

Blood drawn as usual.

And injection directly into my wrist. I apologize to the entire medical complex for shrieking. 62 more words