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What comes to mind when you think of eight pounds? I think of a newborn baby and the heaviest bowling ball that my puny arms can handle. 527 more words

Physical Health

Carb Cycling in a Nutshell

Tuesdays on ABC there is an inspirational show on that I just love called Extreme Weight Loss.  It is the journey of one obese person as they transform their life over the span of a year with the help of trainers Chris and Heidi Powell.  740 more words

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As this week I am dedicating this blog to health it is judicious to comment on weight. Weight is a funny thing; it is related to your mental and physical selves. 336 more words

3 Ways to Beat Stress with Music

Do you think most people answer “yes” or “no” when asked: “Do you want something that you can put between you and what stresses you?” Although we may not have a definitive answer to this question today, we know that stress has a very significant impact on our physical health. 436 more words

Real Wellness Tips

Independent Psychiatrist

I was due to see an independent psychiatrist a few weeks ago to review my Community Treatment Order (CTO) but it ended up being cancelled on the day. 650 more words

My bad health

Coincidently just as I have been researching a healthy lifestyle I have gone to A&E twice in a week. I found out I have a chest infection…but the CAMEL 20pack cigarettes are getting me through it. 153 more words

Self-Care as a Law Student: What do you do to take care of yourself?

As a law student, you are expected to attend classes, write scholarly papers, and perform at a superior level on assessments.  Additionally, you may be working while going to law school which involves meetings and time commitments.  335 more words

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