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Weekend Wellness with Erin - Reduce Sugar

Welcome back to Weekend Wellness! Sometimes a little change really will make a big difference and this weekend’s tip is one of those little changes, so get ready to accept a challenge and feel a whole lot better about yourself!  265 more words

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Magical Gardening

The growing human population is in an unstoppable move from local farming to global urbanism. This is putting an ever growing burden on the food chain, the environment in general, and on individuals. 611 more words


My Bipolar Pregnancy

I had a friend recently contact me and in essence ask me, “How did you do it? How did you get pregnant and not be on medication?” or “How did you do so well on your pregnancy?” The short simple answer is I didn’t. 2,228 more words

"Free drug samples come at a cost to patients, study says"

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This April 18, 2014 Fox News article talks about the high cost of free samples of medication from physicians

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De-tox challenges...

I find that the more I do to improve my habits, the more I find to do. Once I’d gotten the oil-pulling and the dry skin brushing as a habit, then I started looking at the ingredients of the lotions, shampoos, etc. 493 more words

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The Instructions for Change

 Mental Health: 1st Step

Many times I have pretended to believe silly things just to justify my choices. The reality is that even if I tell myself that “calories don’t count if no one sees you eat them”, the facts remain the same… they do. 845 more words

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Mom of unvaccinated kids: Hope you are not coming in contact with someone who has traveled to Columbus Ohio area.

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Officials have confirmed 230 cases of the contagious Mumps viral illness Ohio State Columbus area this year. 46 more words