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When Infinity Comes To Life-Cantoni Crescenti Studio

Rejane Cantoni e Leonardo Crescenti

The two work together in the development of strategies for the experimentation and implementation of audio-tactile-visual interfaces that make it possible for the public to explore and interact naturally with data banks and virtual, remote or hybrid environments. 815 more words

Interactive Exhibits


To see the beauty of physical reality, “One need a spotless and Dustless Mirror. To see One’s own Mind, one need to have a clear  thought’s in his/her consciousness. 82 more words

Body Care and Aging

Those of you, ladies and gents who take your moments throughout your days to take care of yourselves, your bodies. We would like to give you a little bit of knowledge for each of you to just think about within your quiet moments. 1,234 more words

Physical Reality

The One

The one who will bring humanity together, who will unite and dispense of individual religions and bring people together, is not a he or she in human terms. 247 more words

Physical Reality

Week 2. Notes

  •  JACQUES LACAN :  He separates The Real from Reality.

 ” They’re different from each other. Reality is a symbolic curtain and The Rea… 386 more words

Letting Go of Beliefs

GEN: You have come to a great realization. You have afforded yourself the further broadening of perspective. However, you insist on intellectualizing it. You grasp on it and you do not want to let it go. 764 more words

Physical Reality

into worlds of uncertainty - synopsis

Before I get this synopsis fully under way, I wish to make it quite clear that I am not religious, and never have been. Having had a science and engineering background, I fall heavily into the category of an evolutionist from a… 3,663 more words