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Dear Ones,

Here’s a video about a vision of our beautiful Mother Earth that I had at a turning point in my young life…. That vision of the nature of reality, and of the spirit guardians of Earth, has guided my steps ever since. 28 more words


The Vibrational Match to Changing Focus and Loss

GEN: We each have ideas of how it is that you move within your world and as you discover more of yourself. As you reach inwards to your intuitions and attempt to live a spontaneous life, you realize parts of yourself that shock and amaze you. 1,938 more words

Physical Reality

Archetypal Feelings: Enthusiasm

“Originally, an Enthusiast was a person possessed by a God.” The great Gods of Ancient and Mythological Greece. Ritual Madness and Ecstasy. Dionysos.

The poets and the mystical men who wrote the Qabalah before “Anno Domini” felt the presence of inspiration, manifested as some exterior force. 180 more words

A Peace Of Mind

The Great Wave of Change

VAGO: Ribalto mia con libentia (Bounce with my delight) (Italian & Latin)

You realize that our energy is taking over during a moment of calm and peacefulness, but that that energy was originally sought from your focus. 1,129 more words

Physical Reality

Interaction and Consciousness

GEN: It seems that all you know of yourselves is what you have been told. Whether you’ve been told by your parents or grandparents, by others within your environment, or from your interactions with others. 1,568 more words

Physical Reality

The Vibrational Equivalent of Desire

(For) many of you here within your realm, a number of speakers (are) guiding you towards the fulfillment of your dreams. And in this guidance, we give you the suggestion that you direct your focus upon that which you want. 906 more words

Physical Reality

Music and Telepathy

I have historically been drawn to music. All genres have their merits. Music transforms my mood, changes my thinking, and uplifts my energy. I can’t go a day without music. 416 more words

Physical Reality