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The First Question

For those who are reading this post as the first post from my blog, I would ask you to please read the previous one first, to understand this one better :) 1,014 more words


Saving myself [>_<]

Starting a fitness journey which I would like to continue till the end of this body.

Recently went through a devastating breakup as my partner (6yrs old relationship) cheated on me…and i came to know that it was for long that she was cheating on me…my heart was literally shattered and my trust in love had literally flew out of the window. 320 more words


Q. I'm a bit older than most recruits. Will PT be tough for me?

A.  I feel ya.  I was 34 when I did basic training the second time, so I understand your concern.  Before I shipped, I worked on my running and overall fitness pretty seriously.  187 more words

Physical Training

Q. What if I get injured or sick in training?

A.  It happens.  You can count on getting a cold, at least.  All those germy people and close quarters.  I was sick for 95% of basic training…it really sucks.  278 more words

Physical Training

Q. What can I do mentally and physically prepare for basic training and what are some things that I need to know that will help me during training?

A.  Physically, work towards the physical fitness standards that your recruiter gave you.  Pushups, situps, and running are the standards.  Sprints/HIIT training will help your running. 370 more words

Drill Sergeants

Q&A After a Longish Layoff

I got the following letter from one of my compound students:

“The lessons last year were great. I didn’t do any archery during the winter, seemed every other day I was doing snow. 919 more words

For All Coaches

Q. How many miles will I have to run?

How fast do I have to be?
How often will I run?
What are the minimum physical fitness requirements to graduate?
How many pushups do I have to do? 352 more words

Drill Sergeants