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Is it 1987?

I write and read a lot about the integration of women into the Infantry, and frankly at this point the narrative surrounding this issue, (including my own) has become a bit repetitive. 1,521 more words


Your Record Will Follow You

YOUR RECORD WILL FOLLOW YOU!! This is what we were reminded of during physical training this morning. Sometimes when you are falsely accused, in the absence of sound evidence and good logic only your character and track record will exonerate you. 136 more words

Leading the Healthy Life through Advanced Training System

PTS (Physical Training System)

With the physical training system, mobilization, relaxation, traction, OKC, CKC, static or dynamic stability exercise can be used conveniently through various postures such as standing, sitting, prone, and supine. 369 more words

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do you even BOOTCAMP

You’re probably sitting there thinking what on earth this “boot camp” is.  N.G.U (never give up) Boot-camp is a group physical training program conducted by a personal trainer. 402 more words

Primacy Of The Physical Body

Over the weekend I went on a short kayak trip with some friends. We were on the Little Miami river which is beautiful but not that exciting. 900 more words


The last couple of months have been a bit hard to explain. In addition to passing the foreign service exam (I am now awaiting the results of the Qualifications Evaluation – the second step of the process), I also found myself faced with consequences of things I did over a year ago. 862 more words

The First Question

For those who are reading this post as the first post from my blog, I would ask you to please read the previous one first, to understand this one better :) 1,014 more words