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Should I use a Heavier Bow to Build Archery Strength

Dear Coach Ruis,
I recall that you previously discussed using heavier limbs during practice and then lighter limbs during competition. How many pounds heavier should my practice limbs be? 523 more words

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Wanna Play a Game??

I am looking online for Christmas gifts and BAM Workout Labs has done it. Decks of cards, specifically workout cards for body-weight workouts and yoga. While I am pretty sure that my children would not look forward to having these stuffed into their stockings I am, on the other hand completely thrilled. 251 more words


The Law of Diminishing Returns and Archery

I have been “remote coaching” a student for a bit and he has been impressed by his rapid progress. I commented that this is normal but will taper off. 1,088 more words

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@MillerBode & @SportScienceLab Recovery Plan #MustWatch

Why faster, shorter training sessions miss the “crush factor” and mental preparation – according to Bode Miller.

Bode’s training program at SSL with Gavin focused on three components: 80 more words


Dirty Little Secrets (Archery Injuries)

I got a follow-up question to the one that prompted me to write the post “Competing While Injured—Just Say No.” Here it is:

Dear Coach Ruis, 787 more words

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Lining Up

Here’s another question that came into this blog recently: “Coach, any tip on aligning your stance with the target face. My kid always thinks he is standing right on line with the target but actually the target is behind his back… 339 more words

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Why I Follow Golf Coaches (Part 2 of ?)

I was watching another video by one of my favorite golf instructors (Don Trajan) recently and he said something quite profound. He was addressing the relationship of foot position to the golf swing and brought up the example of Ben Hogan. 684 more words

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