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Why Must Mankind Suffer?

Why may two puppies from the same litter have totally different lives. One puppy is given to a loving family and leads a life full of joy and unconditional love. 257 more words

Put baby on the floor!

It’s day two of my Babyopathy book launch at The Baby Show Olympia. The show is about to open but I thought I would have a quick browse before everyone comes in. 292 more words


What Is Love?

Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Jesus, also, tells a parable about a man who found a treasure in a field. 252 more words

Cheers to you

You all rock, yes you! You all inspire me and motivate me everyday; your encouragement is awesome. And I can imagine, if you guys do it for ME who else you rub off on. 245 more words


Believing in the Impossible Essay

Random essay I wrote, about my beliefs. I needed a place to archive it here, so here it goes :P

Date written: 6/3/2014

I believe in the impossible. 574 more words

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Too Many Pieces

I’m really struggling now with H. I’ve reached a point of no return and I’m starting to get intimidated by the task. I usually mask of smaller areas of the work so that I can concentrate without distraction. 196 more words


Raveh I, Adrenal Bio

Hello, my name is Inbar & I’m from Israel.

First of all I want to apologize my poor English, It’s only what I have learned through high school. 181 more words