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Too Many Pieces

I’m really struggling now with H. I’ve reached a point of no return and I’m starting to get intimidated by the task. I usually mask of smaller areas of the work so that I can concentrate without distraction. 196 more words


Raveh I, Adrenal Bio

Hello, my name is Inbar & I’m from Israel.

First of all I want to apologize my poor English, It’s only what I have learned through high school. 181 more words


movnat certification training level 1

The training begins. On Friday in Marine Park, Boston. MovNat… Erwan LeCorre…

French accented ninja training,

For now I must bide my time, find training spaces after all the kids leave the playground. 132 more words


The Weapon From Hell

Satan has designed a weapon from hell. It’s called a H.A.R (short for hate, anger, and revenge). It’s designed like a pistol, having a handle or grip, it has sights for aiming, but the barrel faces the rear, rather than facing forward. 242 more words

Physical Therapy and Chronic Pain - The Physical Edge

Physical therapy might be a good treatment option for chronic pain sufferers. It can be effective for various types of pain that occur on a daily basis.

Tearing Down Neverland

On February 17, 2013, the pastor of my church offered perhaps the best definition of a Biblical stronghold I had ever heard. As a result of his… 2,237 more words

And He Flew

Reflection: Healing in a Variety of Ways

“God can heal a person in a variety of ways.  Spiritual healing, emotional healing, and physical healing.  God heals us daily, nurtures us, renews us through sleep.   134 more words

Cancer And Survival