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The Wounded Warrior Project

For a pacifist, dealing with the concept of soldiers is difficult. When I was young  and protesting the Vietnam War, I learned that though I object to war it is not the fault of the soldiers. 411 more words


Ant Man in Berwick Street

Record Store Day revellers were out in force in London today and many congregated around Berwick Street to catch Adam Ant in a whistle stop tour of gigs covering east, west and central London, ahead of tonight’s biggie at the Apollo. 175 more words


Does Caregiving Impact Caregiver Health?

In AgingCare.com, http://www.agingcare.com
Whitney asks the following question:

I would like to hear stories about how your health has been affected by sibling(s) that refuse to help you with parents’ caregiving. 329 more words


Things God Taught Me

Healing comes in many forms because of the many ways a person can be injured. If I was naked, people wouldn’t be able to to see all of the physical wounds I suffered throughout my life because I was healed. 637 more words

Essentials of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy 3e Outlines

Physical therapy tables are necessary fixtures for every therapy program. physical therapy tables are utilized to reinforce additional than just physical therapy programs, however pediatric therapy programs, geriatric therapy programs, neurological therapy programs and others. 284 more words


Do you notice a marked difference in the brain and trainability of the well bred reining horse?

“Hi Stacy, just to follow on with this a little, I have been following your Jac series with interest. Very thought provoking and inspiring stuff. It got me thinking about the differences between a very well bred horse like Jac’s brain and others without such amazing bloodlines.

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Introduction To Physical Therapy For Therapist Assistants Solutions

In recent times the requirement for qualified and well trained physical therapy assistants and technicians has boomed rapidly. In fact, with the rise in health care standards and number of health care centers and clinics, in the next few years the medical industry expects to look for more qualified… 332 more words