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Stay Composed

This photo was the last of several attempts to shoot a nice little macro scene: two bees of the same variety feeding on the same flowers, one in the foreground, the other nicely set back in an interesting background. 155 more words

Macro Photography

Thesis: Do you need big players in your team to win big games?

It’s been the most obvious question posed towards Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in well over a year: why don’t you invest in a dynamic, ball winning, … 756 more words



Seek for the service.
I……is existence itself.
I am….an experience apart from another. First separation.
Belief….how we create our physical. Expressing our free will. Choose. It is a departure from our knowingness. 324 more words


Physicality in Experiential Design

A good starting point when thinking about physicality in experiential design is the difference between active and passive interaction. With passive interaction, your presence or movement causes something to happen that would not otherwise have happened, in an environment designed and built to facilitate that possibility. 805 more words


Human Bodies are Vehicles for the Soul

Human bodies are vehicles that allow our souls to experience life on earth. Our souls are of pure infinite light and love of the Creator of all that there is.   604 more words


The Shame of Having a Body

I wrote out this poem quickly this morning when I was trying to practice self-love of my body (sometimes I even forget to stay hydrated). It was inspired by… 243 more words