Tags » Physicality

Dealing with Pain

Torturious twisting
Uncontrolled sencory stimulus
Transmitted by nerves
Overloading receptors
Pounding and throbbing
Lingering constants dwell
Sceaming sectual discoforts
Intersected retensions
Fluidity build ups
Compounded muscular vibrances… 60 more words


Confessions of a Closet Gnostic

I stand in front of the crowd and dance on my fingertips. A toddler with blonde pig-tails and glasses twirls and teeters in front of me. 965 more words

Things In Ordinary Time

Human Windows

Opake windows
Glint and glimmer
Mood reflected
Emotions betrayed
Pain and anguish distorted lenses
Joyful exuberant twinkle bright
Betrayer of reason
Signaller of intention
Projector and capturer of information… 23 more words


107 strong /strɒŋ/

tiny person, her strength is of a bull.

strong. funny what this adjective means physically and character-wise.

one may have the power to lift or carry heavy weights. 188 more words


Tuesday-Positive Shmositive

…I’m just kidding.
I’m truly trying to think positive.
I am at work and have been listening to Mozart since I sat down in my chair this morning at 7:30am. 349 more words


Youthfulness can be reflected in the skin and the body, these can be consequences of youthfulness, but they are not what true youthfulness is about. … 31 more words