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Gubernatorial Candidate Heather Mizeur Pushes For Physician-Assisted Suicide

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Legalized assisted suicide–it’s a controversial topic with passionate arguments on both sides. Now Maryland could again be at the forefront of the debate. 476 more words


Physician-Assisted Suicide: Would You Be For It

Delegate Heather R. Mizeur promised to push for a law allowing physician-assisted suicide in Maryland if elected governor. The law is similar to the Death with Dignity’ law that was first passed in Oregon in 1997. 55 more words


Euthanasia tactics: patterns of injustice and outrage

Gloss: Looking at the other side of PAS and euthanasia, this article talks about the injustices of assisted suicide as the title suggests. This article, unlike many of the rest, looks at both sides of the coin to see the complete picture of the controversial issue. 125 more words

Prevalence of depression in granted and refused requests for euthanasia and assisted suicide: a systematic review

Gloss: This article explains the troubles with PAS and euthanasia. One of the main focuses of this article is that many patients believe that depression is a worthy problem for the assisted suicide medication. 134 more words

Reporting of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in the Netherlands: descriptive study

Gloss: This article covers not the United states involvement in PAS but the Netherlands. However, what this article shows and explains is an act in the Netherlands that gives physicians the ability to alleviate a patient’s suffering. 120 more words

Lydia Lovric: Making dying a little less ugly

Dying is an ugly business.

Anyone who has had to endure the unremitting torment of a terminally-ill loved one knows that there are certain family members and friends who will shower you with kindness. 669 more words

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#005 Writing your own ending... but what about the rest of the story?

Many people may find the idea of enabling self-determination in the context of death rather repugnant/repulsive, especially in cases where the person is making a rational decision that is not unduly influenced by mental illness (e.g. 961 more words