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The debate over physician-assisted suicide

WATCH: Tom Clark explains the debate surrounding physician-assisted suicide

A  group of doctors who oppose physician-assisted suicide say making it legal would put pressure on vulnerable Canadians to end their life even if they don’t want to. 493 more words


A Breast Cancer Patient and Christian Writer Speaks Out Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

Whenever I hear people speak in favor of physician-assisted suicide, I take it personally because my dad has been living with Alzheimer’s for the last 10 years.   272 more words

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Transcript: Season 4, Episode 6

WATCH: The full broadcast of The West Block on October 12. Hosted by Tom Clark.


Episode 6, Season 4

Sunday, October 19, 2014… 4,532 more words


105-year-old woman becomes oldest person to die by euthanasia

TORONTO – Germaine de Koninck said she was in constant pain, almost blind and nearly deaf.  At the age of 105, the Belgian woman said she could no longer bear living in a care home and seeing her friends die. 248 more words


Physician-assisted suicide and death.

There’s been a story that’s making the rounds on the news recently about a 29 year old woman who’s been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive and terminal form of cancer that will most likely be unresponsive to chemotherapy treatment and will result in her remaining months to be aggressively painful. 508 more words


'No one wants to die if living is better': Supreme Court hears assisted-suicide case

WATCH: The debate over dying with dignity has been reignited at the Supreme Court of Canada. Although a lot has changed since 1993, when it last considered the issue, the federal government is not convinced it should be legal. 742 more words


Supreme Court of Canada confronts right-to-die question

OTTAWA – Canada’s top court will today confront an elemental – some would say intractable – question: whether Canadians have the right to seek help to end their own lives. 517 more words