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The physician’s paradox

When I decided to become a physician I was keen only on that title and profession that suit my ambitious character and passionate nature. As time passed over and over I am aware now that I was and had to choose a way of opposites. 309 more words


STAFF Challenges: 'Wearing Multiple Hats Inside Your Concierge Practice.'

By Michael Tetreault, Editor

OCTOBER 9, 2014 – If you’re like most doctors who own a medical practice, your business card has your title listed as an M.D., D.O. 610 more words


The Professional Patient

“Alright, Mr. Smith. I am going to need to have you drop your drawers and bend over with your elbows on the table.” I was using my perky voice. 164 more words

Figure out your marketing for the holidays, stat.

“In today’s healthcare culture, the 55-plus audience hasn’t been entirely abandoned,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal, “but the advertising aimed at this population segment (even during the holiday season) is simply aimed at maintaining brand loyalty and establishing that the products they love are still good, still function and most likely being improved. 1,019 more words


Some Thoughts on Telemedicine – by Robert Nelson, MD

By The Sovereign Patient on September 1, 2014

Third-party free practices (DPC, cash-only, membership medicine, some concierge medicine) are a natural fit for a variety of electronic media that can be used to communicate with patients. 616 more words