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Lecturers in Nonlinear Dynamics [ Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics ]

Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics (MCND) – Combining expertise from mathematics, physics and astronomy to deliver interdisciplinary research in complexity. The Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics is an interdisciplinary institute founded by the Schools of Mathematics and Physics and Astronomy. 108 more words


Debate is up! William Lane Craig vs. Sean Carroll at New Orleans Greer-Heard Forum

Good folks, the much talked about debate between William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll is now available for viewing on YouTube (embedded below). The proceedings from the second day, which you will recall included presentations and responses by two members from each side (Alex Rosenberg and Tim  Maudlin with Carroll and Robin Collins and James Sinclair with Craig) don’t seem to be available yet but should be shortly. 32 more words


Stardust; the secret to life

The stardust that flies around in our solar system has what it takes to produce a fundamental molecule we all rely on, water. The water forms when the stardust floats on past the sun and hits a blast of charged wind. 410 more words


"Weird new worlds around other stars" by Henry Schiller

Photos by Dong Ning Deng.

Thursday night was Innovative Learning Week’s keynote seminar, given by astronomers Ken Rice and Beth Biller. The topic of the lecture was the search for potentially inhabitable planets outside of the solar system. 301 more words

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