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Illinois peeps, check out - Too Much of a Good Thing

Carbon dioxide keeps the earth unfrozen by retaining the sun’s energy, but our use of fossil fuels is extracting it too rapidly.. via NYT Science http://ift.tt/1uzxPFy


Physics is Cool

Conservation of energy and momentum! Hey, I learned something.

And don’t forget your air resistance.

Atmananda 11

An enlightened Sage is one who has experienced that the “I”-principle, or Consciousness, is the only subjective & objective reality. In all apparent activities, he is concerned with Consciousness alone. 479 more words


Shedding Light on Light

Messing around with the very essence of matter, scientists at Princeton University in New Jersey have managed to change the nature of light into unprecedented characteristics. 306 more words

Planck's constant (II)

My previous post was tough. Tough for you–if you read it. But tough for me too, coz you’re not the only old man having trouble with math. 1,429 more words


Group velocity of electromagnetic waves in a dispersive medium

References: Griffiths, David J. (2007), Introduction to Electrodynamics, 3rd Edition; Pearson Education – Problem 9.25.

In a dispersive medium, the permittivity is a complex quantity given by… 164 more words


Day 1

I started off my day by talking to him very briefly. I apologized for messages he seemed annoyed by but he told me he was joking and that he enjoyed my art piece. 585 more words