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The Infinite Stretch Theory

Infinite Stretch Theory

It all started with a big stretch. Sorta.

So what is the Infinite Stretch Theory? It’s a theory that explains how the universe evolves forward and backwards in time and why the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. 1,440 more words


Circuits and Samurai

Yesterday in Physics 7B workshop I got to teach about short circuits, fuses, circuit breakers, and why outlets in buildings are wired in parallel rather than series. 220 more words


An Alphabetical Listing of Known Exotic Atoms

  • Antiprotonic helium:  an atom of helium, with one electron replaced by an antiproton.
  • Antiprotonic lithium:  an atom of lithium, with one electron replaced by an antiproton.
  • 540 more words
Science And Scientists

Mild Progress

So I did a fair bit of physics studying, at least more than I would normally. Probably should have done more, but I compensated by learning how to bake cookies. 164 more words

Matter (Mass) is not bottled-up energy

The famous equation of Einstein is usually interpreted as “matter is bottled-up energy.” This interpretation is not quite right!

gives the impression that the mass can be converted to energy.  497 more words


Mechanics: 3 Fundamental Principles

So you’re thinking in terms of physical models now instead of in terms of chapters, units, or equations. Now what? Is there a high-level ordering of these ideas? 1,232 more words


Crown's Plank (five) Submitting to Memory

The thought of her father brought with it, as always, a crippling desolation.  Tobi’s grief over her father was such that she had not cried for him once since he had died.   509 more words