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Optical Cables, from Thin Air!

It’s a project that would make Tesla proud. Just imagine being able to instantaneously run an optical cable or fiber to any point on earth, or even into space. 867 more words


WKB approximation and the reflectionless potential

References: Griffiths, David J. (2005), Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Edition; Pearson Education – Problem 8.12.

We’ve seen that if we apply the WKB approximation… 225 more words


Faith in facts or faith in God?

In the Kingdom of God 2+2 is not always equal to 4. Kingdom math is unbalanced. There are these inequalities, incongruities and infinities lying around that mess up the equations. 1,121 more words


From Kerbal to the Mun

This is the last post about Kerbal Space Program, honest. Today I spent my lunchbreak illustrating a mission to the “Mun” (the moon) from the home planet “Kerbal”, and took screenshots along the way to help other people playing the game (should they find this post). 655 more words

Life, The Universe, And Everything

Headstart EDT Summer school!

Remember that long essay that nobody probably read since it was tremendously long and boring and I posted it telling you that it was part of my application for a summer school so that made it even more long and boring? 3,227 more words