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"Fatalism's Mechanics"

Bound to fall, surely, speedily.
It is fate who dictates the
Projectile motion of souls.

Bound to unite with the opposite.
It is fate who creates harmony… 138 more words


From physicsworld.com: "High-gain optical transistors flipped by just one photon"


Jul 30, 2014
Hamish Johnston

Two independent teams of physicists in Germany have created the first high-gain optical transistors that can be switched using a single… 703 more words

Applied Research & Technology

A Tuned Universe

QUESTION: If physics is tuned or adjusted to guarantee some physical event takes place – what would that event be?

CONJECTURE: If the physics of our universe is indeed ‘tuned’ then it is optimized to ensure star formation. 598 more words


Physics lesson becomes a Makerspace

Melbourne High School students put their Physics knowledge into action today – today’s lesson was all about potential energy, kinetic energy, and momentum. Dr Janet Prideaux joined students and their teacher, Mr Steve Draper, in the Physics room to see the Space Rail in action. 17 more words

Melbourne High School

How to add according to Einstein

What does it mean for two objects to travel apart from one another at speeds approaching the speed of light? Can the objects communicate with one another using light rays? 1,165 more words


Hunting Einstein's waves

This spring I traveled to Baton Rouge to visit a gravitational-wave hunter named LIGO. It’s one of the biggest and most expensive facilities the National Science Foundation has ever invested in, and it still hasn’t produced what it was built to do.


Quick Heads Up For Some Spooky Action At A Distance Talk

Late, late, late I am in getting this out to you, but I’m doing another webcast/podcast for Virtually Speaking Science today.

I’ll be talking to my MIT colleague, David Kaiser, who is a physicist and a historian of science in our Science Technology and Society program.   219 more words

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