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Halfway There!

I am proud to say that I have officially submitted my UC application! Such a relief to click that “Submit” button and it feels like such a heavy burden has been lifted. 318 more words


Magnetic boots, and gravity boots

If you were to have magnetic boots and gloves, you may think “I want to climb something. I want to climb something immediately!”

But be careful! 304 more words


Wheel propelled by water

I am not sure whether it will work.

If you take two cups, put one below the other, and fill the top one with water, and suck water through a straw from the top one, and then keep the straw in the top cup and put the other end into the bottom cup, and let go of holding the water in, the water will start to be sucked into the bottom cup. 75 more words


Vector Graph Racer

I love vectors. I mean, they’re pretty awesome. They have a magnitude and a direction. Two for the price of one. They are also quite helpful when doing physics. 353 more words


Biomechanist Humor

There is quite a great deal to be learned about the biomechanics of the human body: angular and linear kinematics and kinetics, work, energy, power, et cetera. 133 more words


New T2K CCQE Neutrino Cross Section Result

T2K released a preprint today measuring the charged-current quasielastic scattering cross section of muon neutrinos on carbon using the ND280 off-axis near detector. The measurement reports the total cross section, the double-differential cross section using muon kinematic variables (muon momentum and angle with respect to the beam direction), and also reports a fit to the axial mass parameter of a theoretical model. 60 more words


Spooky Action at a Distance

I’m a huge fan of Albert Einstein. So much so, that when my friends had band posters up on their walls in High School, I had this up on my wall instead. 555 more words