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5 reasons immortality is impossible

Immortality is a concept found everywhere, across all mediums, from comic books to holy books to Hollywood movies. The vampires of gothic novels and the cheerleader in NBC’s Heroes have one thing in common, they just won’t die, there are dozens of characters who have this remarkable ability, but is it possible? 1,539 more words

Can a satellite hover over the Sun?

My friend Russell asked me under which condition an object would be able to stand still around the Sun. This is a very interesting question; it probes some fundamental facts about the solar system and its applications are keeping many engineers around the world busy. 400 more words

How About That?

The New Science of Strong Materials or Why You Don't Fall through the Floor

By J E Gordon

Synopsis: This new edition of J. E. Gordon’s classic introduction to the properties of materials used in engineering answers some fundamental and fascinating questions about how the material world around us functions. 178 more words


Frequency: more questions than answers

Having recently watched Inner Worlds Outer Worlds  I’ve been visualizing and reflecting a lot on the connections between energy and frequency and vibration and the patterns that make up our material reality (matter/anti-matter). 498 more words


Alan Averill’s THE BEAUTIFUL LAND was a real surprise for me. I picked it up on a bit of a whim; the premise was interesting and I knew it won the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, so I was curious. 378 more words