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The Laws of Nature - Philosophy

The laws of nature are primarily what scientist discover.  Science is the discovery and explanation of the laws of nature.  What are the laws of nature?  310 more words


NASA Finds Earth-Like Planet

Looks like we’re not the only ones with a human-friendly planet.

NASA recently discovered a planet nearly 500 light years away (about 2.937 quadrillion miles). While discovering planets isn’t anything new, NASA is excited because it’s an Earth-like planet, and it’s the closest one to ours so far. 235 more words

Current Events

BQ6 – Second Phase (2/3)

(This is a collaborative blog post by Ashley Christensen and Elizabeth Oderkirk written after watching The Universe in a Nutshell by Michio Kaku: ) 174 more words


“LIGHT IS A PENETRATING FORCE, DARKNESS IS A FORCE THAT ONLY ENCAPSULATES (AN ENCAPSULATING FORCE). With out the presence of light, darkness will encapsulate everything in existence.

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Transparent Metals

Can metals be transparent at certain wavelengths? My first reaction is No Way! It’s a myth, sort of like the transparent aluminum which is mentioned in the Star Trek whale movie. 260 more words


The Beginning of Infinity: Untestable Theories & the Power of Explanation

In reading David Deutsch’s brilliant book, The Beginning of Infinity, I finally came across a couple of simple reasons why untestable theories in science are a dead-end and why the explanatory content of a theory matters. 1,807 more words