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Why Does Some Science Work So Good? Part 1: According to Hermann Weyl

Most people do not appreciate that some forms of science are better—much, much better—than others. What makes for good science? We consider some quotes from the famous mathematician and physicists Hermann Weyl that sheds light on this issue. 3,243 more words


Jefimenko's equation for time-dependent electric field

References: Griffiths, David J. (2007), Introduction to Electrodynamics, 3rd Edition; Pearson Education – Problem 10.11.

Using the retarded potentials, we can find a time-dependent expression for the electric field . 148 more words


Un plan pour les cégeps/A plan for CEGEPs

Une autre portion du plan d’économies ferait mettre à contribution les cégeps. C’est-à-dire de régulariser les processus de reconnaissance de cours avancés de niveau collégial, qui sont très inégaux à travers la province, même si le contenu de ces mêmes cours qui font l’objet de ces reconnaissances d’acquis est très similaire d’un établissement à l’autre. 1,373 more words


Atmananda 34

AD 3   Mind & Satva Guna (clarity)

Consciousness going outward towards objects is Mind. That which turns toward the Self is pure Satva… 95 more words


What's the most-used textbook on statistical mechanics?

I was interested in working through a textbook on statistical mechanics, but as I’m no longer active in a physics department at a university, I was wondering what textbooks are commonly used these days. 85 more words


'Attached', by Magmanus

Circo Circolo festival, Netherlands; 23rd October 2014

Stadium lights on tall poles mark the three edges of Magmanus‘ stage, which is scattered with teeterboards, wooden blocks and crashmats.   713 more words

Performing Arts

Terry Tao's MoMath lecture part 3: The speed of light and paralax

In the last few weeks I’ve been writing about Terry Tao’s incredible public lecture delivered at the  Museum of Math over the summer and how that lecture provides many great examples you can use to talk about math with kids.  509 more words