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Filosophical approach of Planck's constant

If you check something more frequently, the maximum delay of your response is shorter. In other words: If you put energy in it, the frequency… 14 more words

Mijn Theorie


Why are moths so fatally attracted to lights?

There seems to be a tentative consensus that moths use bright sources of light as a means of navigation. 967 more words


Schrödinger's Equation—¿after that session was I dead or alive or both?

My In2science placement took place between the 21st and the 25th of July at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL. As the week began I was both nervous and excited. 359 more words

New Dark Matter Result from PandaX

The PandaX group has released their first dark matter result, which can be found here. PandaX is a dual-phase liquid xenon detector, similar to XENON-100 and LUX. 44 more words


A Boat to Nowhere

Inspired by one of my friend Trey Ratcliff’s images, here’s ‘A Boat to Nowhere’ to be heard soon on the BBC ‘Human Universe’ soundtrack.

This was recorded at Abbey Road in August.


[M.M.X.I.V. 234] Don't be scared

Hmm… what could Noah write that could be so scary?  Well, I will draw one picture, and it will have the point of the post in a nutshell.   842 more words