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Cervical Dizziness - Introduction

There is much debate in the literature as to whether or not cervical dizziness (CD) exists as a clinical entity or is it in fact a subset of another condition, e.g. 219 more words


Healthcare management offers a protected future

Higher education in India has practically become a requisite. Every individual in today’s time prefers to pursue higher studies post their under graduation. Now with the ever growing number of colleges offering a million variety of courses, several questions which every student wants answered and has a tough time figuring out is, what do I pursue next? 303 more words

Is there really a shortage for professionals in the healthcare industry?

Unemployment is still one of the greatest problems in India. There’s a great deal of the population of our country who are still unemployed. At the same time, experts agree that there is a shortage of healthcare workers. 296 more words

I've been medically advised to get buff!

Well, not quite, but that’s what i’m taking from it.

I had my first physiotherapy appointment today since moving back home and it was really quite encouraging.   581 more words


Rewards of Healthcare as a profession

People have this major misconception about the health care industry, in general. Most people generally associate nurses and doctors, whereas there are actually a great deal of administrative positions open throughout the country. 364 more words

Shoulder 'impingement' syndrome

It’s got many names…. rotator cuff tendinitis, swimmers shoulder, throwers shoulder, subacromial impingement or subacromial bursitis. These are all smart, intelligent sounding names for pain that occurs deep in the anterolateral shoulder (anterior meaning front & lateral meaning side… so to the front and side) 720 more words

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