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Tofu, Avocado and Cherry Tomato Wrap

It’s a weird summer in Northern Italy. One day it’s too hot to even breathe, the other it rains cats and dogs and it looks like autumn. 413 more words

Main Dishes

Piadina Restaurant

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to this lovely restaurant called Piadina, on Greenwich Village. One of the reasons I always talk about restaurants in this area is because we live nearby and got used to walk to places to eat. 144 more words

Peach & Piadina

Earlier this year, my school had its annual fashion show. This fashion show is not something small. Everyone goes. It is held at the local convention center, which is the same place our prom is held. 253 more words


Review: Pizza Express 'Express Lunch Menu'

It’s not that often you find my husband or I in a chain restaurant, we’re usually far too busy trying out the latest independent that’s opened, or in a tried and tested favourite, but I am partial to a Pizza Express. 774 more words