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Thank You, Billy Joel

Mother got tickets to Billy Joel live

We had to see one of his shows,

And I’ll tell you he sounds just the same as he did… 339 more words



it amazes me that so few people stop to appreciate, get into, or even pay attention to the joy and fun of what is happening…


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What's more important: Finding your flight or your train and frantically grabbing your seat? Or, conversely, finding your name and your driver and allowing yourself to be ruthlessly whisked away from all those comings-and-goings? What if delicious rapid-fire harmonies are hitting your ears at that exact moment? Do you continue on your way or do you stop in your tracks, heeding that "Wow! I've got to listen to this!" urgency coming from your gut and your heart? Well...what do you do? Your answer to this question speaks volumes about who you are.

Piano Man

Billy Joel played Seoul, South Korea for the first time November 18, 2008 to a packed house at Olympic Gymnasium, Olympic Park.

The encore was Piano Man .



What a difference a fucking day makes. Took melatonin last night and basically bathed in Sleepy Time tea. It took me a while to fall asleep and as I would doze off, I started having very vivid and bizarre head images and mini-dreams that made no sense. 594 more words