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Avoiding the blame game - in teacher parent meetings

Parents play a very crucial role in helping their child learn the piano – in setting up a practise routine and seeing that it is ‘mostly’ kept to. 414 more words

Young Piano Students

Five Signs Your Child is Ready for Piano Lessons

This is one of the most frequent questions I receive from parents of potential students. Children ideally begin piano when they are in elementary school, but depending on the child, that can be early elementary school or later. 435 more words


Playing with the Prep Test

Happy New Year everyone! I must update this blog to show something other than Christmas carols.

This one is especially for any piano teachers taking their students through the ABRSM Prep Test. 298 more words


At the Piano with......Andrew Eales

What is your first memory of the piano?

I was seven years old. My older sister was taking lessons. I had double-pneumonia, and was recovering in bed. 1,560 more words


Sightreading - The Magic Carpet

Beginner piano students who are very young sometimes practise without paying attention to note names, and then make a lot of mistakes reading music.

The problem often is that they’re looking at their fingers, and not the lesson book, and that’s when the teacher needs to pull out ‘The Magic Carpet” 181 more words


Sightreading - Bringing out the magic wand

Sometimes, young children (beginner level or grade one) just decide a piece is too difficult, and refuse to learn it and the piano teacher is stuck – because that piece has something the child needs to learn. 177 more words