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Confluence of rhythm, color, and improvisation

Saturday night, JB, IB, and I went to Andy’s Jazz Club to hear Greg Spero, a jazz and fusion pianist that IB went to school with at the U of I. 284 more words


Talos "Bloom"

A brand new track from Ireland’s Talos that suits well with this black & white picture cover.

If you are a fan of SOHN and Ásgeir, you will also love this whole post-dub atmosphere that covers this sound. 9 more words

Digged Out

Becoming Worldly. Henri Pierre Noel- Piano

Sometime in 2013 I was listening to the radio when on came a breeze of piano playing. At once I began to sway in the kitchen and as I kneaded dough I broke into a light dance. 935 more words

Rachael's Nene for Piano Solo

Rachael’s Nene is a G major piano solo in 3/4 time. The melody uses an entire octave moving between the hands. Thirds and fourths are required of both hands in the accompaniment figures. 8 more words


Just in case our family wasn't loud enough already, we bought a piano

We have been planning to buy a piano for quite some time. The kids have been saving every penny they have for almost a full year, starting with Christmas presents last year. 310 more words

My So Called Life

James Booker: Old Soul with New Wrinkles

Since we are coming up to the time of year when Booker died I thought I’d mark it now. IMHO Booker is one of those geniuses on par with “Gatemouth” Brown in the sense that they were so versatile encompassing so many different styles and so authentically. 302 more words

New Orleans

Powering Through

The cat was doing her loud purr again. She was sitting by my side at 5 am as she would reach out her paw to tap me on my arm (or face, it depends); I could vaguely see it in the dark with my half-opened eyes. 212 more words