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My first Time Lapse Video

If Google has brought you here, then you must be knowing what is Time Lapse photography (<– Yes this link takes you to Wikipedia). I won’t explain it here as the Wikipedia link provides great explanation. 588 more words


Teaching Technology

People who are comfortable with technology often seem to assume that everyone else is equally or more comfortable with it as well. Whether it be software, hardware, cloud services, tablets, e-readers…we tend to think, if… 635 more words

Library Services

52 Ancestors, No. 29: John Corr, Self-made Business Man

Unknown hands labelled the back of this photo with a question: Who is this? I found it among my grandfather’s old pictures. He kept it, along with other various treasures, in a tin box that was separate from the other photos in his closet. 1,053 more words

52 Ancestors

6 Things I still use (that NO ONE uses anymore)

I like to think of myself as a very forward thinking person, technology-wise. I always get the latest and greatest, reading up on new products and updating my gadgets. 789 more words

What logos include hidden messages in their design?

The logo represents the traditional shutter mechanism. The whitespace which the shutter encloses depicts a house (Casa), implying that it is meant for personal use. 13 more words

Making Collages with Picasa

Beginning with the old adage of “A picture is worth a thousand words,” I remade our Educational Resources page on the UNL FOOD website with a collage of some of our resources (PowerPoints saved as jpegs). 66 more words

Web-based Learning