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Looking into Shadows

There are many occasions when an outdoor photo with the sun at your back is just not right, and with the sun in front the shadows are inky dark. 723 more words


Texture Tuesday

It’s Simple Things  for today’s Texture Tuesday. Bikes are one of my all time favorites to photograph, among many other things. It’s a wonderful mode of transportation and a fun and healthy activity for families and individuals.


Preparing (AKA struggling with) my proposal for the Digital Doors Open assignment

Our first assignment for the Digital History class is to create a ‘digital doors open’. Using a combination of historical floor plans, blueprints, fire insurance maps, photographs, sketches and/or textual sources, we have to digitally reconstruct a historical building. 823 more words

Digital History

Which Image Editing Software Do You Use?

I have been using Picasa 3 for most of my editing, and although it’s fine for doing a few basic things I’ve always felt pretty limited by it but couldn’t get my head around Photoshop.   280 more words


Salomon X-Trail Run 2013

地点:马来西亚农业研究发展局 – 马来西亚农业博览园。

第三年参加这越野跑,今年主办单位把地点换去马来西亚农业研究发展局 – 马来西亚农业博览园。这是一个凉爽、下着毛毛雨的早上,越野跑在跑跑、走走、拍拍照下完成。完成距离只有7KM,与原本说好的10KM相差了3KM。后来才得知因下雨的关系,有些路段泥浆滑湿,主办单位安全起见把那些路段抽了出来,他们并没有事先公布这。


摄于:Salomon X-Trail Run 2013 – 马来西亚农业研究发展局 – 马来西亚农业博览园,沙登,雪兰莪(2013年11月)


Creating GIF Animation with Lunar Eclipse Photos

Eclipses happen in a relatively short time span and the change can be dramatic, therefore they are great candidate for GIF animations.  Below is a sequence of 24 individual photos taken with a Skywatcher 80ED telescope and Canon XTi camera from the February 2008 Lunar Eclipse. 103 more words