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NES Complete Collection Chronicles March 2014

In his March update to his NES Complete Collection Chronicles, Mike picks up the other 2 Batman games on the NES that have eluded him for years as well as 10 other games bringing him ever closer to his goal. 88 more words

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Ass, Gas or Grass: Flash Fiction

The rain was thicker than the hand of God. And she didn’t know what was heavier; the weather or her morale. Maybe this was punishment for her sins, or just karma playing itself out. 423 more words

Book Review: The Handmaid's Tale - 5 of 5

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confession: I have a total lady crush on Margaret Atwood. I’m not ashamed. 259 more words

Weekly Review

College Pick Ups

I first started getting picked up in college, and what an interesting experience it was. I was on the rebound. Things were finally over with my college boyfriend, and I was on the prowl. 2,016 more words


Linkedin Linkups

This week I have had two requests on Linkedin to link up with two very different kinds of men. I am not sure if it is because I have changed my profile photo from staid middle aged matron to a couple of glasses of wine on the couch selfie? 444 more words

Opening Day - thank goodness!

If you haven’t read my bio(s), then you don’t know that I’m probably the biggest Red Sox fan that has ever lived. Seriously, I am crazy about this team and love all the players to death. 428 more words

Game Pickups from the New Adventure Island - Storm of the Century

This month’s pickups come on the heels of one of the largest projected storms in history. Mike shows the games that he picked up to enjoy while he stayed safe and sound inside such as a rare Capcom arcade style beat em up, a Zelda clone with so much more to offer on the Master System and the good N64 Castlevania? 103 more words