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RENEW '14 - Day 4 (morning)

To start off day 4, we heard from Bill about work and rest. It helps to start the day with the proper mindset and he certainly helped us get to that point. 227 more words


Minecraft Blue Diamond Sword Pickaxe Set An

Using minecraft cheats or minecraft hacks is the same as cheating in any game. It gives you a lot more power and control but can take away from a lot of the survival part of the game. 233 more words

Minecraft: New Survival World!!!

I started a new minecraft survival world to see how it turns out. My friend came over to help me survive. We made a mine and just like that, we found a revien! 121 more words

Mining Awesome Ores

If you wanna play Minecraft you gotta find ores!


Wood –┬áMost ores require a iron pickaxe but you need to start with a wooden one (don’t worry you won’t have it for long). 437 more words


Prankster fakes pick axe murder for Google Street View

Quick! A camera-bedecked Google Street View car just turned down your block!

What do you do?

Flashing is a classic.

But come on, flashing’s just not all that classy. 738 more words


Police in Edinburgh, Scotland, were called out to investigate when someone using Google Street View thought they’d spotted an axe-murder, reports the Independent. The series of images apparently showed someone being struck with an axe and the assailant walking away from the lifeless body on the ground. 168 more words