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Crow Bar, Sledgehammer, Pick Axe ….

Part 2 Demolition phase!

With the louvered window panels removed, and the porches opened up, Mikey then had to remove the side porch flooring, in order for super-stumper man to gain access to under-the-house, at a later date. 448 more words

Gimme Gimme Gimme LEGO Minecraft

For some crazy reason, I’m in the process of planning a weekend camp themed around Minecraft. So, far all I’ve planned is that it’s happening, that it’s happening in November and where it’s happening. 191 more words


A quest pela picareta da dignidade

Numa terra distante existia uma herói. Um herói no início de sua longa jornada, a qual tinha como objetivo salvar o mundo da névoa sem cor enquanto ele saboreia uma vastidão de almas recém colhidas. 562 more words


Runescape Damage Is Debatable

Currently, both hatchets and pickaxes have the stats of a weapon half of their tier. For instant, a dragon pickaxe is equal to a mithril warhammer and a dragon hatchet equal to a mithril longsword. 256 more words

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