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Picking Psilocybin Mushrooms

“My eyes opened and the universe breathed me” – You can spend your time looking through whacky trip reports, but they’re not going to help you find them. 868 more words


How do Pawn Shops make their Money?

You know I have  Bachelors Degree in Business and Finance.  And there is one thing that I don’t understand “Who buys from Pawn Shops”?

There are all these shows on the TV about Pawn and Picking, but who buys their stuff?  150 more words

Friday The 13th Posts

The Porthole

Now this baby was the real win of our Baltimore excursion, aside from the excellent times, excellent food, excellent wine, and true excellence. And there’s a story to this one: This is a beautiful beautiful old porthole. 117 more words

The Journey Begins

I’ve always had a crafty side. I enjoy decorating and creating decorative things. I also always have had a knack for business and coming up with ways to make a buck. 449 more words


Creating a new item for use with R3 WMS

This is a quick walk through of setting up a new item for usage with the AX2012 R3 warehouse management processes. This is just a simple item so you get the flow and the key setup pieces relevant to reservations, warehouse, storage dimension groups changes, units.



Warehouse Management