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Danish Pickled Cucumber and Pickled Ginger Recipes - Good for Gut Health

Pickled vegetables like kimchi, cucumbers and ginger are probiotics that can aid the health of your stomach. They make for delicious snacks or additions to salads and side dishes to your main meal. 374 more words



Sounds like a pony’s name, but no, this post is really all about pickles.

I asked Lori over at Skoog Farm if she’d be interested in a couple of pickle recipes, as she has a glut of courgettes (zucchini) too.   835 more words


Homespun Pickles.

I LOVE to pickle. Mostly we pickle onions and cucumbers, but I’m hoping to try peppers soon too! Anyway, I threw together this quick pickle the other night and it turned out GREAT, so I thought I’d share! 299 more words


Why so sad?… 11. July 2014

Rice cake with smoked chicken, tangerine-honey yoghurt

Potato-smoked chicken stew with sour cream and some pickled cucumber

My kama ice cream looked so sad


There is always a section 31… 9. July 2014

Sandwich with cheese, pickled cucumber and smoked chicken

A smoothie made of an orange, a banana, spoonful of honey and plain yoghurt.


Tomato soup with quinoa, smoked chicken and sour cream


Pizza luv… 8. July 2014

Some smoked chicken, fresh cucumber and pickled cucumber

Made more of these tortilla pizzas. They were so good!

Tortilla pizza with smoked chicken and broccoli

A banana


Packing hair clips… 1. July 2014

Coffee, barley porridge with butter

Battered meat, boiled potatoes with sauce, tomato salad

White bread with butter and honey

Fried eggs with some macaroni and a pickled cucumber