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Pickled Ginger

The versatility of ginger makes it THE most useful aromatic in my kitchen. Dried, ground and combined with deep earthy sweetness of molasses, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg I use it to adds depth and bite to sweet pastries. 458 more words


Iwashita wants to see your head up one of their giant pickled gingers or shallots

The pickled ginger business certainly is competitive. At least it appears to be since food producer Iwashita has been working extra hard at getting some brand awareness going. 257 more words


Danish Pickled Cucumber and Pickled Ginger Recipes - Good for Gut Health

Pickled vegetables like kimchi, cucumbers and ginger are probiotics that can aid the health of your stomach. They make for delicious snacks or additions to salads and side dishes to your main meal. 374 more words


Stir fried noodles

If you love films you should be familiar with the name Christopher Doyle. He’s the genius behind the camera, responsible for the striking images which shaped the visual history of cinema –  most of the Wong Kar Wai films, Hero, Limits of Control, etc. 478 more words