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Pickled Beets

Here’s a canning post from my dad, Gerry Givens, on pickled beets!

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Peter Piper

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!


I can say it really fast, can you?  I can also make pickled peppers.  This comes in handy since I don’t personally know Peter Piper.  207 more words

The Kitchen

pickled beets + urban picnic

i’ve been into quick pickling
this summer,
mainly because we have a glut
of vegs,
also because
it’s good for digestion,
and because
we have a lot of jars, 470 more words


Acar Fish (Acar Hu)

I personally love Acar Fish or Acar Hu as the Hokkein call it. Acar Fish and Lum Mee were the two dishes my mother -in-law would prepare to be enjoyed at get togethers between the Ooi family and my family- the Lim family. 211 more words


Happy America Day- How bout some banh mi?

We all know how much I love banh mi. I have been obsessed with banh mi since the moment I discovered it and will take any excuse to whip some fried tofu up. 162 more words

Already Made

Pickled Rainbow Carrots & Radishes w/ Cilantro, Garlic and Thai Chilis

Ramadan started today so most of the recipes I post this month will be of iftar goodies. I decided that Summer 2014 will be a pickling summer so hopefully by the end, I will be a Master Pickler (I also decided that it is an ice cream summer so…pickled ice cream anyone?). 178 more words

Already Made

Bourbon & Hoisin Pork Buns with Pickled Onions

I’ve got two words for you today: PORK BUNS. I think you need these. I know we did, and they were so worth the wait and the effort.