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Pickled Grapes - A Chévre's Best Friend



I am usually the rebellious kitchen sprite who would not follow a recipe if my life depended on it – always having to drastically change at the very least one element, and always the spices. 260 more words


BF Sausage Cart



Main Location: 200 N First St, outside of Bachelor Farmer

Despite the fact that Marvel Bar is indeed my absolute favorite place to grab a cocktail in the cities, I have in fact been there on multiple occasions (which I can rarely say for other alcohol establishments besides a bare few), my visits to their restaurant connection and origin… 990 more words

The Easiest 11 Steps For Water Bath Canning

Water bath canning is the process of killing harmful micro organisms through boiling. This method is also referred to as boiling water method, it is said to be the simplest and easiest method for preserving high acid foods. 373 more words

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Homemade Pickles + A Whole30 Recap

This weekend has been a real winner. I finished Whole30 (Hallelujah!) and subsequently made two new non-Whole30 recipes. Don’t worry, they’re not a far cry from what I’ve been eating the past month, but do have some much appreciated added sugar. 552 more words

Pickles take two

If you read my first blog post on canning, you might remember there being a slight worry that my beautiful dills would end up tasting like metal. 385 more words



I’m hesitant about posting this recipe, as it is really something I should disapprove of. I’ve written before about my dislike of ill-considered fusion food, the lack of respect for ingredient or tradition that it implies, but that is exactly what this is – a gleeful mishmash of the technique of one culture (Korean) with the ingredients of another (Turkish), the end result unrecognisable as being from either. 413 more words


Mousey Monday

I gotz a mousey from Sammy an I deaded him evfurry chance I get…..mum sayz I gotz the movez …MOL have a great Monday Paw Pats Pickles xxx