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Supernatural Pickup Lines

Supernatural pick-up lines which are just fucking awesome, no matter how cheesy, or hurtful. *fangirl bawling*



“Don’t tell me I’m beautiful. I have already heard the word rubbed raw across the flesh of so many girls before me. Thrown at them like rocks that beat the skin of those we do not understand. 252 more words


Pickup lines that get attention…

You dropped something

I was walking down the street. A guy yells to grab my attention, “Hey you!” Of course, I ignore him but it was only because I was with people and didn’t want to stop. 356 more words


8 Pickup Lines That Only Work On Ships

1) The ship life equivalent of having a fantastic car.

2) Works like a charm on drunk, hungry girls.

3) Some girls just love the… 90 more words


The New Best Pickup Line

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog at all (even through the random bouts of emptiness, which I do apologize for), then you know that I have a habit of reopening one closed door in particular, but I think I’ve finally learned to keep it shut, and I’ve seen a door that has opened. 1,085 more words


Pickup Lines I Get: Part 1

As most people who know me say, ‘Kaavya, you are a creep magnet.’ It is actually pretty true. Most of this has to do with the men who approach me, it may also have to do with that kid who sucked my knee in the Delhi Metro. 631 more words

Mix-Tape Mondays: C'Mon Baby

This installment of

is dedicated to the art of the sales pitch. And I mean that in a sexual way. 335 more words

Mix-Tape Mondays