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Halloween Pickup Lines Tinder

Just in time for Halloween, try them out for yourself!


Confessions of an Introvert

“Hi, my name’s Melissa and I think you’re a very attractive man. Not that I want to take you to bed or anything; I just thought you should know.” 209 more words


OMG, I just thought of a cheesy pickup line!

Guy: Hey, you know what?

Gal: No, what?

Guy: You remind of water!

Gal (CONFUSED): How’s that?

Guy: You make me wet!

Challenging thirty-day challenges

What’s up

I have been going out Friday Saturday, and just really choding it out with my pickup friends not really approaching except like 2-5 girls per night. 1,551 more words


Middle school pickup lines

Clever… Haven’t heard that one since about middle school.

Ok Cupid

hey baby. Wanna fold sweaters together.

I get a lot of off the wall emails. Some creepy, some gross, some sweet but misguided, and sometimes I get one that is so WTF that it makes me belly laugh for 5 min solid. 75 more words