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30 Ways To Catcall Like A Gentleman

I just became the 86,837,243rd person to sign up for Tinder*. And as with everything I eventually get compulsively obsessed with, I did hours of experimentation and crude online research — which started, stopped, and centered on lists of copied message exchanges to and from users of this platform. 674 more words

Spicy Conversation Starters

Sometimes starting an online conversation can be intimidating.  Has it been a while since you have flirted or used pickup lines effectively?  Are you still using “What’s your sign?” 318 more words

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Halloween Pickup Lines Tinder

Just in time for Halloween, try them out for yourself!


Confessions of an Introvert

“Hi, my name’s Melissa and I think you’re a very attractive man. Not that I want to take you to bed or anything; I just thought you should know.” 209 more words


OMG, I just thought of a cheesy pickup line!

Guy: Hey, you know what?

Gal: No, what?

Guy: You remind of water!

Gal (CONFUSED): How’s that?

Guy: You make me wet!

Challenging thirty-day challenges

What’s up

I have been going out Friday Saturday, and just really choding it out with my pickup friends not really approaching except like 2-5 girls per night. 1,551 more words