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They Live Among Us

Summer thunder storms are ushered in on the back of blustering winds. The wind whips against doors and windows until they rattles on their hinges. Storm clouds gather and the air smells of rain. 308 more words


Pick Up Lines from Ugandan music

“Your shape like coca cola
We connect like on motorola
We ride on boda boda
With time we drive corolla”

These wonderfully awful pickup lines are brought to you from this peppy energetic Ugandan song “Butterfly” by Nameless. 20 more words


How NOT to Hit on Women

These unfortunate pickup lines I’m about to share with you have been experienced by yours truly and her friends at local bars. The only A+ they get is for effort.  503 more words


Quote of the day

I would swim up the amazon river with 45 pound dumbbells tied to my scrotum, with Ellen degeneres’ queef as my only air supply just so I can have a seafood dinner with you through skype over a dial-up connection.


When I open that box of pizza…