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Project Palate and the General Store

“Do you have canned pineapple?”

No hello. No ‘Isn’t it a lovely day?’. I burst in to the little country general store like a wild woman, a woman on a mission. 890 more words


She Wont Eat That....

                I swear I had the best of intentions when my firstborn started transitioning to real food. I bought those tiny mesh bags for self-directed feeding and cut up hefty chunks of bananas and avocado and proudly presented her with these to teeth on. 687 more words


Picky Eater Disorder

Here’s a fun fact: I have an eating disorder.

I feel co-optive whenever I use that term—several of my friends live with ED’s and are the bravest souls I know, and my comparing my bullshit eating habits to theirs has always felt disrespectful. 1,049 more words

Fall-Time Favorites

Hi, all!

So, as you are all aware (and I’m sure most of you probably aren’t pleased), Fall is right around the corner and I couldn’t be any more excited. 132 more words


Healthy lifestyle

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, bad genes, slow metabolism, lack of will power and unable to keep up my workout routine… Over the years I have gained a lot of weight. 280 more words

Boys; Picky Eating & Eating Disorders

Boys can develop eating disorders too.  They are typically more silent and secretive and it often looks different than eating disorders in girls.  In many cases it looks more like picky eating. 215 more words

"Picky eater" can become a self-fulfilling prophecy

I frequently see articles and blog posts around the web espousing various tips and tricks to get your kids to eat healthy foods. Although I don’t have kids yet, I’ve certainly put some thought into how I plan to manage my eventual children’s diets. 324 more words