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Food Fights

Before having a baby, feeding a baby seemed like a pretty simple task. Give him milk until 4-6 months, and then start solids. No big deal, right? 446 more words


They Call Me A Picky Eater, But ...

I’m really a Mindful Eater.

My friends respect my diet choices, even if they think they’re a little quirky. They know I’ve changed my diet… 372 more words


A Matter of Taste

When my sister was in third grade, my mother had to go to school for a meeting with her teacher.  Now, any of you who know my sister will be scratching your heads, as she is, more than likely, the smartest woman you’ve ever met.  442 more words

The Recipe that Got My Husband to Like Green Beans

Everyone dislikes certain foods.

For me, it’s olives.

My friend Sam loves olives and would probably put them on just about everything if she could. 658 more words

Rachel's Nourishing Kitchen

Adding Veggies to Applesauce- Easy and Delicious!

Viv has entered the dreaded picky toddler eating stage. She eats better than most toddlers but there are some foods she is just completely not interested in. 232 more words


A kitchen to live in

The kitchen has been redone. It needed it. It was a mess- broken walls, bare plaster, a mish-mash of paint and tiles and the floor was a disaster. 938 more words

Fussy Eater

Why Family Meals Matter

Since ancient times, eating has been a communal business. We celebrate with food. We use food to mark significant cultural occasions. We re-group at the end of the day and share a meal along with our news. 402 more words