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Festive family meals - happy holidays or a recipe for stress?

For the most part, children’s mealtime behaviour happens behind closed doors.  However, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or a feast day from another cultural tradition, big family meals mean eating in front of many people  – often a time when parents of fussy eaters feel judged.   443 more words


I steamed broccoli. My son eats broccoli but not willingly. Sometimes I try to make it interesting and cheesy and sometimes I just steam it and tell him to pretend he’s a diplodocus with several tiny trees to eat. 131 more words

There Are No Winners Here; Only Survivors

I’ve been fairly busy as of late. So please excuse my recent postlessness.

We are in the process of closing on our very first house! (Squeee!) And so I’ve been busy making lists about what needs to be done. 911 more words


Hidden veggie pancakes

When I first started giving Ava food, I would make her veggies, and she loved them. The only ones that she gave me the hardest time with, were carrots, but eventually she’d eat them right up! 290 more words


Peanut butter, avocado, cheese and rice

I had a good day today. How rare and noteworthy. I got to spend time with my sort of niece and sort of nephew but it was different because we went out and I got to spend time with each of them individually. 130 more words

The Great Autism Divide

Before I go any further I’d like to address the Great Autism Divide, for those of you who are parents of children with Autism.

Autism is a spectrum.   291 more words


Sprout Story

Sometimes a person can just look at a food and know he’s going to hate it. I’ve had this gift my entire life. It’s sort of a Picky Eater ESP. 1,565 more words

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