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15: Vegetable Soup Stand-off

Vegetable Soup Stand-off

Tonight on “I Don’t Like It!”:

Vegetable Soup.

We’ve been through every excuse

“I don’t like this!”

“My feet are cold.”

“I have to go to the bathroom.” 120 more words


Angelic Deviled Eggs

Welcome to Day 2 of The Week of Hard Boiled Eggs!

As a child I just loved Deviled Eggs. As an adult I still love them, though the idea of stuffing so much mayonnaise down my little picky eater just to get him to try new things doesn’t sit so well with me. 568 more words


Avocado, Bacon and Hard-boiled Egg Sandwich.

Welcome to Day 1 of The Week of Hard Boiled Eggs!

The Little Buckaroo has finally recovered from a nasty virus that took him out for two weeks, and we’re so thrilled to be getting back to feeling good that we’re ready to hop on board the Easter wagon with some fun egg inspired ideas! 581 more words


Toddler Class Announcement

Class Announcement

Read all about it in the above attached PDF flyer!  Book via the online form found on the lesson schedule page.

Toddler Won't Eat? Tips for Over Ones (Part 1)

Is your little one fussing and not wanting to eat? Are you worried that he or she might turn into a picky eater? Well don’t be. 744 more words

Baby Foods

The Menu Planning Project, Week of March 17th, 2014.

The Little Buckaroo has been sick with a nasty virus for just over a week now. I’m so behind on everything, including updates on our… 93 more words