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The Veggie Struggle

Vegetables aren’t my friend and they never have been. When most people say they don’t like vegetables, there are usually still a few veggies they do eat–not me. 205 more words


Picky Eaters

My picky eater - where do I start?

First I’m going to that my little one goes beyond normal kid picky. I’m going to link to a ref below that will give a little backstory on what constitutes an extremely picky eater. 1,021 more words

Picky Eater

I Got It From My Momma

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Franci Eberz:

My mom, my best friend, the best cook I know!

She’s put up with me and my picky eating habits for a longggg time.. 319 more words

Picky Eater

True Life: My hunger has a mind of it's own.

Whether you are a picky eater or not, we’ve all been there:

It’s time to plan out dinner, but you absolutely cannot decide what you want to make/eat! 49 more words

Picky Eater

For the Love of the Picky Eater!

“But, mom! I don’t like peas!”

“Dad, please don’t make me eat my broccoli!”

As memories reel from my childhood, I had two creative parents who encouraged healthy eating habits but the struggle for them was real! 352 more words

Family Activity

#mommyproblems: Toddler mealtimes are making me crazy. Literally.

I had such trouble with Ava’s feeding when she was nursing then on formula that I welcomed the end of bottles and the start of a table foods. 1,281 more words


What My Picky Eater Ate This Week

My picky eater – Ben, 2 years old – ate three new things this week:

1) Apple chips.

Not only did he eat these, he knew they were apples.  273 more words

Whole Foods