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Australian ham radio pico balloons

Different paths are being taken by the two solar-powered Australian pico balloons, PS-31 and PS-32, carrying Amateur Radio payloads, each sending 25 mW WSPR and JT9… 603 more words

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Style by Spree: When in doubt

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and didn’t really feel like myself. I didn’t feel bad enough to stay home, so I got… 104 more words

Southern Ambition

Work and Play in the Azores

Back in my marine biology days I presented some research at a conference on Deep Sea Issues in the Azores.  I stayed in Horta on Faial Island and it was……………………MAGICAL.   46 more words

Mi ankaŭ volas ludi! (erotika rakonto)

Mi ankaŭ volas ludi! (erotika rakonto)
fonto : http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4edc71ec01000brk.html

Do bone, oni iras en teatron. Mi ne estas entuziasmigita, sed kion mi ne farus por Pavel? 839 more words

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Selma and The Need for More Interfaith Community Organizing

Near the end of the new movie, Selma, I witness how people from different faith gather together for the march to Birmingham. In these scenes, people from different faiths from across the country come together to stand with the people of Selma and the civil rights leaders to make a bigger statement to the oppressive powers that controlled Selma and Alabama in the 1960s. 539 more words

Stryker bid to purchase Smith and Nephew gets a Green light

Stryker bid for Smith & Nephew could be in the works | The week in medtech M&A

December 31, 2014 by Daniel Mallari

Here is one of the biggest top mergers & acquisitions news for medical device companies this week: Stryker could purchase Smith & Nephew… 125 more words