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Review: Creature Features by Steve Jenkins

Creature Features: 25 Animals Explain Why They Look the Way They Do by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Look right into the eyes of 25 animals as they answer a question about why they look the way that they do.  The animals range from sun bears to various birds to giraffes to frogs and fish.  With each turn of the page there is a new animal looking straight at you, ready to explain the feature that is their most unusual.  That explanation is filled with just enough scientific information to be fascinating and to inspire more exploration of the animal.  The paragraphs are short enough to be shared with even quite young children who are fascinated by animals.  This is a great addition to even the most crowded of animal shelves. 115 more words

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Review: Goodnight, Already! by Jory John

Goodnight, Already! by Jory John and Benji Davies

Bear is so very tired, all he wants to do is go to sleep.  But his next door neighbor, Duck, feels exactly the opposite and has never felt more awake as he reads a book on staying awake and drinks a pot of coffee.  As Bear climbs into bed and pulls up his blanket, ready to snooze, Duck comes over for a visit.  Duck offers all sorts of ideas of what they could do together, but all Bear wants to do is sleep.  Just when Bear is again about to fall asleep, Duck returns with a new idea to bake something.  But Bear once again sends him on his way.  When Duck comes in for a third time, Bear has had enough!   The evening though has time for one final ironic twist by the end of the book, one that will get readers giggling. 169 more words

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Absolute Mayhem

Blogging hasn’t featured very high on my priority list in the last few weeks, amidst moving house and getting settled. (The house is amazing, we are very happy!) I’m breaking my blogging silence to promote a wonderful children’s book penned by a fellow blogger, … 330 more words

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Simon and the Bear

Simon and the Bear: A Hanukkah Tale written by Eric A. Kimmel and illustrated by Matthew Trueman (2014)

Simon set off on to America leaving his family behind. 554 more words

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New (to us) Hanukkah Books to Celebrate the Season

Every year we open up the Hanukkah box and rediscover classic stories that we haven’t seen in a year. There is such a joy in experiencing these classic tales that retell the story of the Maccabees, the miracle of the oil, and the spirit of the Hanukkah season. 1,714 more words

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PiBoIdMo Announcement and 2015 Sneak Peeks

Thank you for your patience with the PiBoIdMo winner announcements. I intend to get to them prior to year’s end, so I hope you’ll stick around just a while longer. 187 more words

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