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New Videos and Brand

Hi friends, fans and visitors,

I have two new videos featuring my brand new “brand” intro. I decided to brand myself as Red Bear Books… 80 more words

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What's In Our Library Bag April 17th

Hello Happy Readers!   I thought I’d do a quick update today on what we’re reading.    Reading makes up a large part of our schooling, and we try to make it to the library at least weekly.  515 more words

An Umbrella Story

These are preliminary sketches for a picture book that’s still in need of a publisher… Before you read on, do you like the picture with umbrella baskets or the one without? 375 more words


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt–25th Anniversary

The Guardian has shared a video celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beloved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.  In the video, the two sit down and discuss the origins of the story and the impact of the art work.

Picture Books

Favorite Superhero Books for Young Children

Cape? check. Mask? check. Boots? check. Muscles? check. Your little superhero may have everything they need for a long day of crime-fighting, but at some point they need some down time. 134 more words


Review: The Fox and the Crow by Manasi Subramaniam

The Fox and the Crow by Manasi Subramaniam, illustrated by Culpeo S. Fox

A new version of a classic Aesop fable, this picture book explores the tale of Fox and Crow.  Crow is all set to perch with his fellows on a wire but then smells the bread cooling in a window below.  Down he swoops and heads into the woods with it.  But Fox is there too, sneaking along.  Fox howls, singing beneath Crow.  Crow must respond in song, opens his mouth and down falls the bread into Fox’s waiting mouth below.  It’s a tale we all know, but told in such a masterful way that it is made new again. 131 more words

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Meet A Children's Book Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Laura Vaccaro Seeger is known as “the queen of the concept book,” and young children around the world are overwhelmingly glad that she creates beautiful books that bring new life to familiar subjects. 841 more words