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Stop creating this perfect picture in your head and then getting upset when life doesn't play out like it!

This is so true! In our minds we think okay I will be married by this time, have this many kids, my kids will go to this daycare and school, we will live in this house in this certain area,  we will vacation in Europe and Mexico, my job will be this and my husbands will be that, yadadadadada! 135 more words

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Living In the Season: Update

Here’s an update on how ‘living in the season’ is going :) 85 more words


Picture Perfect

Everyone wants to be picture perfect…for the big day, the job interview, the first date, and other events and occasions that are important to us. In fact, we spend money on make-up, clothes, shoes, fat busting products, face creams guaranteed to take away the ravages of time, and other hocus pocus methodologies to make us…picture perfect. 121 more words

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hotel hospitality: park hyatt maldives hadahaa (picture perfect)

as my week-long trip across the tropical paradise of the maledives draws to a close, i am blessed to be hosted by one of those places that just gives that extra thought to everything, that does everything just that tiny bit better: the… 57 more words

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect # 70

As I’m watching Rain in She’s So Lovable right now, I was reminded of how much fun he was in his last show Fugitive Plan B… 16 more words


My Pumpkin Cheesecake Bundt Cake Drizzled With A Maple Glaze

It’s my stepdaughter’s birthday today, and she just gave birth to our first granddaughter. So Steve and I are on a road trip today to visit the kids and to celebrate Christine’s birthday along with the newest addition to our family, Scarlett. 27 more words

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect - Part 3

Tác giả: Queenbee93

Thể loại:  Split Oneshot, lãng mạn, hơi ngược…

Translator: Yalo

Giới thiệu: Oneshot này nằm trong chuỗi series The Language of Flowers, mỗi oneshot nói về một couple khác nhau gắn liền với một loài hoa đặc trưng. 2,944 more words