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Papery poppies

We have a selection of ornamental poppies self seeded around the garden. I prefer my poppies red. These ones are pale pale orange, and within minutes, it seems, of them flowering, they fade, and look like bleached orange paper. 91 more words

Picture Perfect

Getting technical with seedheads.

In a friend’s garden the other day, now really beginning to experiment with the settings. So, pretty much full sun, mid to late afternoon, lying on the floor taking repeated pictures of seedheads, just tweaking one setting in between. 159 more words

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Playing with light

So I went out in the back garden yesterday, just as the sun was dropping, and visited my tulip.

And there was a bit of this going on. 273 more words

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Explosions of colour.

Yesterday on a walk to the library we saw all sorts of fascinating things along the roadside.

I loved this explosion of colour.

I did spend a little time in the editing software on this, tweaking brightness and so on. 152 more words

Picture Perfect

Young and old

Something a little different today, reflecting a pensive state of mind.

Nature is glorious, but matter of fact. New growth alongside, replacing the old. It’s more difficult to come to terms with that in relation to human life. 79 more words

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