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There wasn’t much left of this life, nothing to do and nothing to learn. She was so bored…

When she wasn’t bored, she was angry. She screamed and cried and threw things about the room. 180 more words

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1,000 Word Thursday: X-Ray


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Now it’s your turn to write one thousand words about the picture below!

Writing Goal: 37 more words

Jason Jack

N is for Nothing in Particular

For a while, now, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a topic beginning with N that I could talk about. I thought about things like necromancy and night, narratives and Nobel prizes, but none of them spoke out to me saying, “This is the thing you should write”. 924 more words


Picture Prompt - Cloudy Commute

Listen to the reading here.

Cloudy Commute

Wisps of white creep through streets,
past the houses in their hunt
for the city.

It meanders it’s way around the outskirts, 53 more words


Picture Prompt - Runaways


If a woman in a wedding dress is seen outside of the usual location of the normal ‘wedding areas’, so to speak, then thoughts begin to race. 289 more words


Tell Us a Story!

“Why do you hunt pirates?”

“Is it full of adventure, your life?”

“What are they like? Do they all have eye patches!”

“Do you do it for their gold?” 116 more words

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Fae Piano

image: Favim

Kyle crept out of the house and into the surrounding trees on the hillside. His parents were home, but they were having a discussion in their bedroom and they didn’t like it when he was out this late anyway. 423 more words

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