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The enemy of monkeys is the enemy of the people

I made this picture many years ago when I was taking a course in… something to do with statistics or database construction or something. We were given a few minutes to draw “monkey” in any way we wanted, and this was supposed to represent how important it is with a correct terminology, as all monkeys were different. 18 more words


Prompto Argentum

This editted pic is awesome and Prompto looks too awesome, I mean real awesome.

Prompto-swan!!! Aaaa

Credit for editor, not mine.



It was a sad, painful morning this morning. Last night while in the shower, shampoo residue stung my eyes. When I woke up I got a massive shock, I was blind. 399 more words


The Thimpu Tsechu Festival

Day 2 of our visit to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, as Bhutan is also called, was completely reserved to attending the Thimpu Tsechu Festival, one of the two most important mask dance festivals of the country. 116 more words