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Game-Changing Princess Books: Part 1, Guest Post by Laura MacDonald

The first book I thought of when I found out about this month’s picture book theme was Princess Smartypants (1986) by Babette Cole. I like this book because it’s about a princess who does things on her own terms. 614 more words


The Wonderful Works of Oliver Jeffers

If you don’t know him yet, or his wonderful, creative and very child-minded picturebooks (and other works) then let me introduce you to – Oliver Jeffers! 1,518 more words


The Composer is Dead

“Composer” is a word which here means “a person who sits in a room, muttering and humming and figuring out what notes the orchestra is going to play.” This is called composing.

617 more words

Beauty and the Beast in Picturebooks

One of the best-known fairy tales, “Beauty and the Beast” has been reproduced hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times in various media: oral narratives, written form, in plays, musicals, films, photographs, visual art, full-length novels, poems, and, of course, picturebooks. 1,906 more words


On Picturebooks!

This is going to be one of those long horrid blog posts that no one wants to read but is present because the author feels this overwhelming need to pontificate. 973 more words


Refugee Picture Books

There are a relatively large number of picture books available nowadays about refugees.  Of course, a great deal focus on refugees from the Holocaust, but there are also more recent conflicts explored in picture books as well.   654 more words