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Literacy in the Face of Tragedy

In light of this week’s international airline tragedy, I am drawn to the power of literacy. In this case, picture books. As a past elementary teacher and mother of three young children, I have many times relied on literacy to help children make sense of world happenings. 168 more words

Through the Looking Glass

“You are a glass of youth; this night I choose

Deep in your magic labyrinths to stray,

Where rants the Red Queen in her splendid hues… 358 more words


An Art Attack!

This fun and clever book about a Pig and a Bull introduces children to modern art and tells the story of the rivalry between Picasso and Matisse. 133 more words


Who we are, and why we do it. A Tribute to Self Publishers.

(Transcribed from image)

Most of us do not Write or Draw to get rich.
We write and rewrite draw and redraw.
We question everything we do. 306 more words

Little Boy Brown

I grew up in a two-bedroom city apartment and always dreamt of having a spacious home with stairs and a yard. That dream didn’t really come true well into my adulthood, and while growing up in a big city has its perks, every apartment kid, like me, can very much sympathize with the story of… 137 more words


Larry and Friends

The great thing about New York is that almost everyone here is from somewhere else, blending into its ever-changing, raucous medley. And yet, there is something very distinct and constant about New York that takes hold of you almost instantly, changes you forever and makes you a New Yorker.  291 more words


My Journal Notes on Addition and Diversity - A Review

Who knew learning could be this fun? I must say that my slugs and I were rather perplexed by the title but inside, it’s an overload of cuteness, novelty and learning – I didn’t know my brain could take it! 64 more words