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11-Month Flare But Still Back in Action

On the ITSAN forum, veterans of Topical Steroid Withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome speak of the “11-month flare.”  Well, Brian’s skin has been flaring slightly  since the end of July, early August. 182 more words

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Study Estimates 24,000 Transgender People Will Be Disenfranchised By Voter ID

Certainly, most of us have heard about the controversy regarding voter ID laws, growing like weeds, in many states around the country.  Designed mainly by republicans, thru redistricting, to reduce the number of likely democratic voters.  204 more words


A #SOTB Review - The View From My Sofa

It’s Sunday morning. I should be doing all kinds of different things but I’m not. I’m still on my sofa, lap top at my fingertips, searching, viewing, saving anything and everything I can absorb from last night’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Sunset on the Beach. 557 more words

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Nice Swedish Gallery

From the show on June 7th at Sweden Rock Festival, done by JukeboxMetal;


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No snippet this weekend

I don’t have anything new to share this weekend. It’s Not Our Fault is short enough that I’m bumping up against the 10% limit Harmony Ink allows me to share. 32 more words

Gender And Identity Politics


Hey guys! So yesterday night I teamed up with almost everyone from work for a fun night out! We started with drinks at the office before we headed to the city for another round of drinks. 123 more words