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Pie Dough

If I have one image of my mom in the kitchen when I was growing up, it is of her sprinkling the countertop with flour, apron on, with a rolling pin at-the-ready, preparing to turn a ball of dough into a pie crust. 534 more words


This is not a recipe for apple pie.

Hi friends. As you know, apple dessert season is well underway. That means that one million apple pie recipes are flooding the internet right now with the most minute of differences between them. 531 more words

Apple Dumplings

Well, its going to be a little bit before I post again. I’m going to Ireland next week! My first vacation in about 9 years! Hopefully I’ll have lots to write about and share when I get back. 479 more words

Spiced Wine Poached Pear Galette

The most shocking thing about moving to San Francisco was that I encountered multiple people who did not know what the word “Autumnal” meant. Had I found myself associating with idiots? 437 more words

Pumpkin Pie

There’s a reason my favorite pie doesn’t look great in this picture and that reason is I burned it. Yes, I committed the biggest baking faux-pas on my beloved pumpkin pie. 199 more words


Apple Pie

In the continuation of our study of fruit pies, we moved from home-style fillings to cooked-fruit and cooked-fruit and juice. My lab partner chose to make a blueberry pie in which she executed the cooked juice method to ensure the berries would not lose their delicate form. 230 more words