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Cake with Jam

Once I made crostata and my bf told: that’s tasty, but dough became wet from jam, and it should remain dry. So after a while I invented this dough – as coconut helps to keep dough crunchy. 158 more words

A Race Day Favorite

Time to bust out your fancy hats, snappy suits and dresses, it’s Kentucky Derby season! Folks in Louisville (say it right, “Lew-a-vul”) have some menu favorites that will be part of the festivities – among them, mint juleps, … 297 more words


Frozen pie & a broken nose

After a competition at church. I told our preteens that if they accomplished their goal, one of them would get to pie me in the face. 232 more words

Berry Pie Montana Photography email Campaign

This email campaign was sent out over 2 weeks.

So, are you still hungry?

John Montana Photography

Linzer Torte

Time of preparation:  90 minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Flour_____250 grams
  • Almonds__100 grams
  • English Wallnuts_50grams
  • Cinnamon_1 teaspoon
  • Cloves___1/2 of a teaspoon
  • Sugar____ 3 tablespoons
  • Zest of a lemon…
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Berry Pie

With the impending baby, I am not able to fly past a certain time. We are still within that window, but I can say that I have lost interest in flying while pregnant after the last trips. 1,083 more words

Fudging Ahead


There are three very similarly looking cakes with jam, but really different in taste: Italian crostata, Austrian Linzer Torte and the experimental mixture of both. 163 more words