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#ODP14 Day 25

This might have been one of my favorite days of this month, because it was FILLED with pumpkins. Alexa, Joanna, and I went to a pumpkin patch today to find the perfect pumpkin for our dorm room. 259 more words


Fiesta Friday #39: Banana Cream Pie

Hi guys!

Just like Minions do I like bananas.
I also often go bananas ;)

Why is it that we like fruit pies so much? Is it because our brain tells us it’s not THAT bad for us because there’s fruit in it? 258 more words


can love be eaten !!

do you think love can be eaten??

Hmm Yes  I  think that !  if something made by love spirit
such what ??????

such as apple pie made by love shape :) 125 more words


Can you solve Martin Gardner’s best mathematical puzzles?

Martin Gardner was without parallel in being able to show how true that was. Gardner wrote dozens of books on puzzles and recreational maths – here are eight puzzles taken from them. 519 more words

Freshly Squeezed: Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

So I’ve always loved pumpkin pie. It’s really one of the best things about autumn (that’s a fact…not an opinion).

However, I have never actually tried pumpkin pie made from scratch. 800 more words


31 Days of Lists - October 25

I am an extremely picky eater. Not proud of it, but it’s just who I am. One of the reasons that I am so picky is that I’m a texture-eater. 241 more words


Chicken Pot Pie: Comfort Food at its Finest

Each Sunday, Joanna and I map out a menu of meals for the week. It’s habit we formed a few years back, and it helps us keep our grocery budget in check. 553 more words