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Apple Pie with Scotch Pastry

This pie is inspired by memories of one my Granny used to make with Scotch pastry (also known as rough puff). Unfortunately Granny herself has… 1,512 more words


Roaming the Roman Ruins

Today we trekked to Silchester, which lay right outside of Reading, and happens to be home to countless blackberry bushes. I filled a large coffee mug and a Tupperware with the berries. 354 more words

What should I do with all these backyard apples?

Question: What should I do with all these backyard apples?

Answer: Not all backyard apples are equal, and not all growing seasons produce perfect apples for all purposes. 581 more words

Atco Blue Flame Kitchen

Boston Cream Pie

by Heather Harris Brady

This was our dessert for Sunday family dinner, a request from darling daughter. For my readers around the world, Boston cream pie is a bit of a misnomer in that it’s not a pie at all – it’s a yellow cake with cream pie filling and a chocolate glaze – sort of like an eclair in cake form. 507 more words


Chicken and mushroom pie

So I didn’t exactly make this pie. I was considering taking credit for it though, because it was the best chicken and mushroom pie I’ve ever tasted. 275 more words


Monday the 15th of September

  • Wake up.  Play with 2 month old kitten (consequently getting my hand mildly bitten and scratched).
  • Off to work.  Lovely morning.  Gardens around work have a lovely damp-soil-and-green smell.
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