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The Most Magical Time of Day

6:28 should be τ (Tau) Time because τ = 2π which means twice the dessert!


P I E : : L A T T I C E

Because sometimes you just need a good pie . . .

Happy Monday!


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Pecan Pie

The crust I used for this one was a composite crust. A recipe from Cook’s Illustrated that uses vodka in the crust. Keeps it wet making it easy to roll out and no gluten can develop in alcohol, so it keeps it flaky.   38 more words


Lobster, Chive & Ricotta Ravioli & a Deep Dish Cherry Pie.

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve written an entry. The summer’s been bustling (weekends especially), and every spare moment I get, I just want to be in the kitchen testing recipes. 920 more words


Sweet Cherry Pie

Pies are a pretty staple dish that I’ve been trying to get right for a while – as always, half the battle is getting the dough right and this has defeated me before! 342 more words


Triple Berry Pie

When it comes to quintessential summer desserts, my mind immediately jumps to pie. Full of fresh, seasonal fruit that turns deliciously soft and juicy, encased by a flaky, buttery pie-crust, what better way is there to end a barbecue? 496 more words


Raspberry Pie

During our last trip to the Farmer’s Market we also picked up another smaller batch of raspberries for my mom so she could make this awesome Raspberry Pie.  140 more words