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Why are smokers selfish?

I’ve always thought that smokers are selfish. I still do. Starting from the minute I found out that secondhand smoking is more harmful than firsthand. Meaning, people who don’t smoke but breathe in smoke from smokers are at more risk of developing lung cancer, and other respiratory illnesses (like asthma and emphysema), than those who smoke.  471 more words

"Stop, collaborate and listen…"

This is my first ever blog post and, quite possibly, the first blog ever about ice.

For as long as I can remember, my high school and college friends have joked about my working in the ice business.  338 more words

Ice Balls

How to get there mentally

Everyone has projects, goals, and deadlines to reach. Getting to the finish lines is hard, but for many of us, just taking that first step is hard enough. 416 more words


Travelling Through Memories

My first diary entry ever was on the 13th of December 2004 and my handwriting is really big and each line is written in a different color. 435 more words

Breakthrough Moments

It doesn’t happen often, because then it wouldn’t be of much value. But don’t you love when you have those “breakthrough” aka AH-HA moments; that bring clarity, light, reassurance, to your life, or just make things a whole lot easier?! 654 more words


Black Vinyl Batch #2: Features

To mark the reissue of the next three 1980s Iron Maiden albums on vinyl, we take a closer look at Maiden’s classic era. 199 more words

Iron Maiden