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Retrospective: Iron Maiden's "Piece of Mind"

That. Damn. Intro.

There are plenty of moments on Iron Maiden‘s fourth album, Piece of Mind, that could qualify as life-changers: the war anthem, “The Trooper;” the stupidly catchy “Flight of Icarus”…you name it. 567 more words


Confetti Jardin Buttercream Cake and Floral Wreath

Well, at least that’s what they have been calling it. Such fancy name eh? hehe

I had my first love with buttercream flowers long before I knw how to bake cakes. 388 more words

Piece Of Mind

Resolution and Typhoid Vaccination

I may not have the most advance English vocabulary a Malay should have. My grammar is all over the place berterabur macam budak darjah satuu..darjah satuu…. 933 more words

Sweet Escape!

Pink Roses and New Year's Prank.

You should have known by now, that today is the new day of the year 2015. And you should also have known that, for those who have read my fb status, that today is the day that I pranked myself. 693 more words

Sweet Escape!

The Key.

 Yes. It is THE key that we have long been waiting for. The key that makes us quit that horrendous long distance marriage. The key that we never thought we would get the chance to even get a glimpse of. 552 more words

Piece Of Mind

Asam Pedas Ikan Siakap And How to Get to a Woman's Heart!

Kepada penggemar asam pedas, mesti teruja dengan gambar ni. At least i know I am! hehe..

Dulu, bila mak masak asam pedas, I think it is just another lauk yang dia masak dengan kasih sayang untuk keluarganya. 406 more words

Piece Of Mind

Why are smokers selfish?

I’ve always thought that smokers are selfish. I still do. Starting from the minute I found out that secondhand smoking is more harmful than firsthand. Meaning, people who don’t smoke but breathe in smoke from smokers are at more risk of developing lung cancer, and other respiratory illnesses (like asthma and emphysema), than those who smoke.  471 more words