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Barbaric fatwa’s

With utmost disgrace, I’m pressing myself to write this blog as I have no better place to showcase my thoughts of what is happening around me. 339 more words

Barbaric Fatwa

Never The Same

I have always thought that putting an end to unfinished thoughts like most of my posts, as I have more drafts than published, would be best. 105 more words

Piece Of Mind

Every Day

If I ask you how different today is from yesterday, would you be able to differentiate? If I ask you how you are living your life, would you be proud to tell me? 245 more words

Piece Of Mind

We don't need no Sexducation

After meaningless calls to some of my writer friends on what to write I actually have nothing to write. They are a bunch of idiots. The only thing I know is even when my spacebar isn’t working; I need to get dirty with a borrowed USB keyboard and a Word document. 386 more words

Piece Of Mind

A Wonderful Thing That Was

I walk down the memory lane and things come rushing back — the pigging out in our favorite restaurant, the heart-to-heart talks in the mini theater, and the five wonderful years of friendship we shared together. 510 more words

Piece Of Mind

Massive Metal Monday: 'Flight of Icarus' by Iron Maiden

For this week’s installment of Massive Metal Monday, I have chosen the first single off of Iron Maiden’s 1983 masterpiece album, Piece of Mind.

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Classic Metal

Returning Home with a Clear Sight and a New Equilibrium

Having forced negativity out of my life, dealing with life has gotten a lot easier. Ever since I’ve realized my own mission and my goals towards that mission, the vision for where my life is headed has become much clearer. 280 more words

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