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the best feeling in the world!

Yay! Finally i get the mood to write here again, and as mentioned on the title, it’s about the best feeling in the world. Most of the time, these feelings come from the little things that seems so insignificant, but somehow, it has a great power to make your lips stretch from ear to ear and just warm up your heart. 499 more words


Piece of My Mind

I want to give you a piece of my mind, to tell you about how I reached inside my ear and clip the electric pathways I’ve tried to ignore and interrupt the current those wires have been firing. 1,273 more words

Streams Of Thought

Iron Maiden's greatest video ever & reissue news

Below is the greatest Iron Maiden video that has ever been created! Someone did us all a huge favor and made a video using the audio from Iron Maiden’s… 239 more words


Mission: Croissant

I miss Europe. I miss “queuing” and the Metro/Underground and real, fresh food and the buzz of foreign languages and accents filling the air.

So I have made it my mission to learn how to bake French croissants. 359 more words

Piece Of Mind

Weekend Party!

Just kidding. I will be doing homework. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time!

Set these two videos on repeat- nothing has made me laugh so hard in a long time.  22 more words

Piece Of Mind

Presently, life is such that I have a hard time finishing things. I have stories, essays, cleaning, business, photo edits, and blog posts to finish. Sometimes I have good ideas that make we want to start, but after the first stroke of keyboard or washcloth, the motivation fails me. 108 more words

Piece Of Mind

Stocked my fridge with Nimbu-Mirchi! Hell yeah!

Just this other day, I watched a brilliant movie called Planet of the Apes. No, no, I am not turning my blog in some I-do-movie-reviews-too blog because… 711 more words

Piece Of Mind