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Where Have I Been?

It’s been a YEAR!

Can’t believe I got so busy with “life” I forgot about my blog!
Jeez it’s not like there have not been many changes since I last posted. 252 more words

Here's To Quilting!

The tale of a sliced finger, a missed deadline and being saved by a friend

An emergency quilt meeting was held on Sunday night as I was struggling with the piecing. It was decided that the 9×9 squares should be cut down to 6×6, then we’d only have two sizes of squares to work with. 287 more words


Headed in the right direction...

Moving forward — it’s always a good place to be. Learning something. Improving a skill. Understanding the ‘why’ in a problem or a process or an idea. 29 more words


Now the piecing of the memory quilt. begins. It’s hard. And headache inducing. I’m being paid to make this quilt for a friend’s little boy who turns one on Friday. 222 more words


Baby quilt

Okay, school started a few weeks ago and Christmas is coming. In between Labor Day and Christmas is Halloween, which will require some attention, and Columbus Day which heralds a long weekend in Maine during which I’ve been invited to attend a baby shower. 370 more words


Works in Progress...progress

Hi everyone, this morning I’m hanging around in my studio with a couple of projects going on,I’ve been mulling about on the next border of my Star Quilt that I’ve shown you in my prior posts. 377 more words


In Progress...Star Quilt ,with a modern twist

I’ve been playing with shapes using the Sidekick ruler, I’m really very uncoordinated when it comes to geometry, but using the ruler and lots of freezer paper I was able to get everything to work out perfectly.It feels like working a puzzle and all the pieces eventually fit together. 244 more words