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fish tank

Dad and I finished setting up the fish tank! :) We put cool tunnels and house’s and also dad’s beer bottle! :)

One fish actually got stuck in the bottle,  I had to help him out because the fish pump is a little bit strong for them to swim freely in… 36 more words


Mean Muggin'

There is nothing better than drinking something warm on a cold day- unless you’re drinking it out of something adorable rather than a Styrofoam/ paper cup. 87 more words


The Great Pillow Problem

Hello, my name is Alicia and I have a pillow problem.

Those are all of the pillows that live in my 780-square-foot, one bedroom apartment. For those trying to count, there are 18. 258 more words

Home Decor

Rock and Roll & Paint Rollers

After days and hours of blowing out our speakers listening to the iHeartRadio app on our XBOX, we finally finished painting the living room and hallway on Sunday evening! 586 more words

Casa De Awesomesauce

Getting to know Nina Sayson for Miss UP Cebu 2014

What better way to know more about Niña Sayson—how much more elegant and how much more eloquent, and how worthy she is of the Miss UP 2014 crown—than by hearing her out below? 464 more words

Nina Bianca Sayson at Miss UP Cebu 2014 Talent Night

During the Miss UP 2014 Talent Night at the University of the Philippines Cebu’s Covered Court Thursday night, someone in the dressing room intently kept staring at my candidate Niña Sayson and then couldn’t help remarking her on her stunning face: “You know what, you are so beautiful. 309 more words

Chic DIY: Super Simple Mason Jar Makeup Brush Holder

It doesn’t get any easier than this. I picked up this bright blue mason jar from Walmart for a whopping 98 cents. Fill halfway with glass stones (I used a mixture of clear & silver from… 21 more words