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Pierce Brosnan Goes On A Memorable Mountain Drive For Kia

As has been the trend in recent years, most Super Bowl commercials either have teasers, or are revealed in full online before the big game. I have purposefully been avoiding most of these, because I still genuinely like the surprise of seeing a new Super Bowl commercial. 86 more words

Kia, you just got my attention.

Or…perhaps it was Pierce.

I have to hand it to Kia, this is an excellent ad. I am not a fan of the brand after driving my share of Kia rental cars but this spot is very, very smart.

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Pierce Brosnan wants to be James Bond again in Kia's Super Bowl commercial

Just hearing Pierce Brosnan say “missile launcher” in his English accent makes this commercial worth watching. The minute-long spot, which touts the Kia Sorento, features Brosnan’s young agent attempting to persuade the man who once played James Bond to star in a serene, romantic movie. 60 more words

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You're Steele the One for Me - 2

We left Laura and a young man observing the funeral of … somebody.

Laura still is concerned for the young man. “Mike … if there’s anything else I can do …” 1,018 more words

Season 1

The World's End

Viewed – 26 January 2015  DVD

I went into this fairly apprehensive.  I’d heard only luke warm opinions of it and the usual it’s no ‘Shaun of the Dead’ which has been ringing in my ears with every movie the comedy pairing of… 349 more words


Brosnan vra steun teen olifantplan

Gepubliseer/Published in Beeld 17 Desember 2014,

Pierce Brosnan, die bekende James Bond akteur en omgewingsaktivis, het sy aanhangers gevra om hul stemme dik te maak teen die uitvoer van die olifantkalfies uit Zimbabwe se Hwange-natuurreservaat na die Verenigde Arabiese Emirate (VAE). 41 more words

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